Sunday, 4 October 2009

Youtube watch

I've spent an idle half hour this afternoon looking around Youtube and came across one of the best 5 minutes you'll ever spend watching cricket.

This is the truly great Barry Richards in full flight for Hampshire against Lancashire, scoring 129 of the most regal runs you will ever see. For those who saw him, it is a nostalgic reminder of one of the game's greats, while for those who didn't, this is a man of unbelievable class. Ex-Derbyshire skipper Barry Wood is one of those suffering at the hands of Richards.

For something even more guaranteed to raise the nostalgia quotient, have a look at this one

The sublime, lissom Michael Holding in full flight. If we'd had this fella last year we'd have been in Division One next season. While not this fast when he bowled for us, he could still bowl a ball faster than anyone else I've seen in Derbyshire colours and is a true great.

Sadly, nothing on there featuring Eddie Barlow, but I'll console myself with video footage of Bunter that I have from when he ran through the England side at Headingley in 1970 for the Rest of the World.

Richards, Holding and Barlow. You could take on Mars with those three in your side!

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