Friday, 2 October 2009

I'm not so sure about this one

I've seen a few suggestions that we try to sign former Kiwi ace Craig Spearman, who has been released by Gloucestershire today.

Under normal circumstances I'd have snatched your hand off to sign him. He's been one of the most destructive batsmen on the circuit in the past few years and has given them an explosive start in one day cricket.

At 37 he's much younger than Stuart Law, who we signed last year, but over the past couple of years the signs have been there that Spearman, an eye player, has past his best. That has especially been the case this season, when a blow on the head while batting seems to have set him back and resulted in a major loss of confidence.

It's said that he's not playing the booming shots in front of the wicket for which he is famed and that is a pity. If he still had those shots, and if it was felt that work in the nets would restore his confidence, then yes, he'd be worth a shot, especially when he is English-qualified through his wife.

But if he was OK, Gloucestershire would have held him to the final year of his contract. Nor are we really in the hunt for an opening batsman in my book, so I think we'll consign that one to the "nice idea, but no" pile.

I've also seen South African all rounder Justin Ontong mentioned as a possibility, but he'd not get a visa and his batting/bowling averages of mid-30s/mid 40s are the wrong way round. He'd be worth signing so I could headline a good performance with "Ontong on song" but little else. Anyway, I remember seeing his Dad play and that makes me feel old...

The only name I've seen mentioned as a Kolpak worth interest would be Saffer batsman Neil McKenzie, but I don't think we really need a Kolpak batsman. If there's a bowler out there who could take 50 wickets next year I'm up for it, but at this stage I can't think of anyone available. Maybe someone like Fidel Edwards if the West Indies dispute isn't ended, but I can't see that lasting long-term.

There's a few fans of Lancashire and Somerset expressing an interest in Wavell Hinds, one of the latter suggesting we get Omari Banks in return. Thanks guys, but ...

Otherwise it has been a fairly quiet day. No movers or shakers out there that I can see, so unless John Morris is putting in a weekend stint, it's a case of wait until next week.

If there is any news, you'll find it on here!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Peakfan on both points concerning Spearman and any move towards a Kolpak choice (we would only take one I am sure). On the former, I think it is too late in his career. On the latter, though I admire McKenzie, a strike bowler should be the target.

If we forget Banks 9who wouldn't) and take Durston instead, oh, and Jones for good measure, I will be happy.


Anonymous said...

Having seen the results at then county ground this yer I can't see many strike bowlers wanting to come out way

mr bigboy said...

Different wicket next year mate, they already doing work on it now.

Anonymous said...

Forget Spearman. Five years ago yes please but his form over the last two seasons has been 'poor'.
Neil McKenzie would be a far better option.