Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Fancy a good read?

I'm basking in the glow of post-decorating today. Having taken the week off I've painted the staircase and am enjoying the thought of the remainder of the week catching up on some reading and pottering about in the garden before the weather changes.

I'm reading a novel at present by Martin Edwards, who as well as being one of the country's very best crime writers is also an avid fan of Derbyshire and collector of club memorabilia. Every club has its "celebrity" fans though many don't like being called by that name. The late Ted Moult was one of ours, while TV personality Nick Owen obviously is. Anybody know any others?

Martin is also one of the top employment lawyers in the country and a regular reader of this blog (sincere thanks!) If you enjoy a good read and more to the point like a good crime novel, he's the man. The eagle-eyed among you will notice that many of his characters are named after former Derbyshire players.

You can find out more about him and his books on his excellent web site at

If you're reading this Martin, drop me an e mail to either the blog account or my other one as I've somehow lost yours!

I've just finished Duncan Hamilton's brilliant biography of Harold Larwood. It is a very well written account of a man who was effectively ostracised by English cricket and became the scapegoat of Bodyline. If you want a good read, this is one well worth buying, or borrowing from your local library. Mrs Peakfan got it me for my recent birthday and it's added to my signed copy of his autobiography a few years back. Yes, I know he was a Nottinghamshire man but he was also a great cricketer. My parents now live in the town where his statue is on display and it is a terrific piece of work.

I'm now slipping hints that I might get the "Derbyshire CCC 100 Greats" by Derek Carlaw for Christmas. I'll be interested to read it, if only to see how the author has come up with 100 players who are genuinely, if only in the context of Derbyshire cricket, "great". It is a much over used word these days, as is "legend". If I really push myself, I can come up with around 50 whose deeds for us warrant the term, but I'm really stretching things.

One that really disappointed me was Edward Giles "Derbyshire Chronicles", which I eagerly awaited but which I found quite frustrating. The narrative didn't flow as it might have and there were far too many diversions and quirky, but to me somewhat pointless asides. The layout of the book wasn't the best, either, and it isn't high on my list of books to recommend.

THE book on Derbyshire cricket is still John Shawcroft's club history. It could really do with an updated version being produced. I'm not sure if John is still around, but his book is superbly written and a thoroughly readable account of the club's history. Over the years I've managed to get my copy signed by around 70-80 players, so it is very much a family heirloom. Well, I think so...

Anyway, that's pretty much it for now. Not much in the way of news just now, but I'm sure there's a story just around the corner. As soon as it happens, you'll get my thoughts on here.

Back soon.

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