Monday, 5 October 2009

Just a thought...

According to a couple of reports I've read tonight, Steven Mullaney has left Lancashire and is considering "offers" from elsewhere.

Nottinghamshire have declared their interest.

I just wonder whether we might be in for him as well.

Stick with me on this. Mullaney is young, talented and would be affordable for Derbyshire. He is an aggressive batsman (his career best 165 contained ten sixes!) and he bowls aggressive medium pace.

He would give us decent balance in the middle order and would be more likely to get a regular game at Derby than at Trent Bridge, where Mike Newell has even said today that he will be a good one day player.

I may be way off the mark, but if I was a peripheral figure at Old Trafford I wouldn't want to become one elsewhere. Mullaney has a double century and a couple of big hundreds for their seconds this year and at 22 will only get better.

I'd see our hunting ground as being more likely to be "oop north" than "dahn sarf" and so a move for Mullaney or Shafayat, the more I think about it, makes more sense than a move for Newman or Durston (talented though I think the latter is).

I've thrown a lot of potential names into the mix over recent weeks. All of them have something in common - they're available, or appear likely to be. We'll not be in for all of them, we may not get any of them, but I think we'll hear some news in the next couple of weeks about the second of our close season signings (I'm regarding Lee Goddard as the first, just in case you thought you'd missed one!)

Exciting, innit?


Anonymous said...

Peakfan, Mullaney is not a bad shout. I know that I threw Durston's name into the hat last week as a possible signing but according to sources he could be heading for Gloucester.

Peakfan said...

Yes, there's a lot of players don't want to uproot when they change clubs. Durston for me is more likely to stay in that neck of the woods as you suggest (or Glamorgan)and we may get a better chance of more northern based players. Historically, thats always been the case.

Anonymous said...

According to reports Mullaney has been offered a deal by our neighbours, Notts.