Thursday, 8 October 2009

Bit baffled...

One or two comments on the blog yesterday I can't agree with.

One said that Groenewald "had a couple of good spells and scored a fifty but didn't set the world alight". Actually, I think he did very well. In first class matches he averaged 20 with the bat, usually coming in at nine or ten, while he was top of the bowling averages with 34 wickets at 27 from only nine matches. He took 12 wickets in one day games and a further 7 in Twenty/20, where he was our second most economical regular bowler. That's a little more than "a couple of good spells" and he can be proud of his efforts.

Similarly, there are calls for John Sadler to be released after averaging 35 from just four one day innings and 71 from four Championship innings. On top of that he averaged 41 in the Twenty/20. OK, those averages were partly the result of a lot of not outs, but the fact is that Sads let no one down in 2009. In one day games he got in with 2-3 overs to go and in the Championship he was in at 483-4 against Kent, 350-4 against Middlesex and 400-4 and 143-4 against Essex. What's a man to do? It smacks of the comment made by the old Yorkshire wicket keeper Arthur Wood, when he came in during England's 903-7 against Australia with the score reading something like 730-5 and said "I allus was a man for a crisis"...

Sads scored a number of centuries for the Seconds and did well in his League appearances too. He could have done no more from his limited appearances in 2009. Yes, I'll agree that next year is a biggie for him, but I think that talk of releasing him after his summer's efforts are unfair.

Steffan Jones? Yes, I'd like to see us sign him too, but he's playing in India with Somerset just now so nothing can be done until he returns as he's still contracted to them. I think we will sign him after his efforts, but patience is the key guys.

Tom Lungley? With eight first class wickets at 49 and none in the one day matches he had a poor year. He took eight wickets in the Twenty/20 but was also our most expensive bowler based on runs conceded per over. I think he has an option for another year which he is yet to sign, but cannot think he'll have many other offers on those figures. He is another with a massive 2010 ahead if he stays, but whether he is here is up in the air at present.


Anonymous said...

Sure, Sadler didn't do much wrong in 2009, nor did he really do that much right in the 1st XI. However, the fact he could not break into the CC2 team until the season was nearly over is worrying. An emerging youngster like Redfern consistently kept him out.

If you scan back over Sadler's career, he has only had a couple of good seasons. For a player that should now be regarded a 'seasoned', he still has only 3 tons to his name. Added to which, his average has been steadily dropping.

All told, I have serious doubts that he can turn himself around, despite looking quite stylish at times. Time will tell.

With only Rogers (hopefully), Madsen, Parks and Smith really cemented into the top 6, at least another strong batter is needed. I would like to see Redfern given time to develop and would, therefore, see Sadler being cover at this stage.

A second addition would really provide the extra squad depth we may need. Hughes, as you rightly suggest, may need time to come through.


Anonymous said...

I agree about Groany, PF; the criticism was well out of order.

Just Wondering

Anonymous said...

Peakfan, I did not critise Groenewald in my comment and I did state that I would like to keep him. We haven't got to go overboard that's all. For the first half of the championship season Tim could not get into the team and his one day form was 'scratchy'. He did have a better second half to the season. This time last season we were hailing Jon Clare as the next big thing and he did not kick on. Groenewald did OK but lets not get carried away. You did suggest that he might not have signed a new contract with us and I wonder if you have any more news on this and the situation re Lungley and Sadler?