Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Nice bit of film

One of my favourite web sites is that of British Pathe, which has loads of amazing footage of days gone by from the old Pathe news reels.

By entering a search term of "cricket" you can see all the greats, right back to WG Grace.

This afternoon I came across footage, albeit brief, of Derbyshire's George Pope bowling for England against South Africa in 1947. You can see it at

George's run up and action can be seen around 1 minute 8 seconds in.

Great for those who never saw a true County legend in action. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I was an excellent find to unearth a glimpse of one of Derbyshire's greats.

My late grandfather regularly reminisced and rekindled matches involving the Popes, Copson, Jackson et al. He was an avid follower, cycling all around the county to watch the side. Although I lived in Chester and Lancashire was far closer I suppose, it was his influence that led to my own interest in the team. It was further heightened by meeting Mike Hendrick as a kid (I hasten to add me, not him!). If I recall correctly, Colin Page was just about to hang up his boots and Geoff Miller was just breaking through as Fred Swarbrook new spin partner. Now who's reminiscing?


Peakfan said...

Nice stuff mastervillain. I wonder if many would cycle around the county to watch them today?