Tuesday, 6 October 2009

One down...

So Steve Mullaney has gone to Nottinghamshire.

I'm not sure if my greatest surprise is the fact that Nottinghamshire have signed a budding, rather than established cricketer, or the fact that a man who has had "offers" (note the plural) chose to move to a county where he'll start off as a one day player who might become something more.

There are four or five counties who I could think of who may have fancied him as a player and who might have given him greater opportunities. I haven't a clue if we were in for him, but I hope the lad has thought his decision through.

Anyway, there's other fish in the sea. I've seen references to Bilal Shafayat going to Surrey and also him going to Essex. At this stage in proceedings there'll be contractual offers whizzing through the ether like post day at Hogwarts (bit of a literary reference slipped in there!)

While we're all impatient to hear of new players, we all have to realise that these things take time. Some players will be waiting to hear if they'll get another contract, some agents will be hawking their clients around and some clubs will have to decide where their greatest need is for next year.

John Morris and Chris Rogers have agreed that our greatest need is a strike bowler and spinner. As I said last night, I think we'll sign another batsman too, but we'll all just need to be patient and wait for developments. Grrrr....

Nice piece on the club site today about Lee Goddard. I think we've signed a good 'un in this lad and look forward to seeing him back at the County Ground.

No blog tomorrow as our daughter is making her stage debut in the school musical "Hairspray". Mrs Peakfan and I, together with Man Mountain son will be sitting in the audience, proud as punch and hoping that it all goes well and wiping tears of pride away.

See you Thursday!


Anonymous said...

I know a few bloggers are linking Durston with Gloucs, but I think that is as far as it goes really. Some West Country wishful thinking has been in evidence and some logical reasoning perhaps. Neighbours looking to strengthen with Spearman gone etc.

I don't know, but I would still hold out some hope there for DCCC. He would be my choice from those batters that appear to be in the mix.


Peakfan said...

He'd be my preference too, mastervillain. With him, Smith and Park in the side no one would out-field us. He'd get wickets too, as well as runs. There'll be no movement just now though as he's in India with Somerset.

Anonymous said...

Stephan Moore would be a top catch but very doubtful.


Peakfan said...

Yes, but his get out clause was to continue in the first division, and we're not there.

Anonymous said...

Peakfan, someone on the BBC606 suggests that Tim Murtagh is up for grabs from Middlesex and he can bowl!