Friday, 11 July 2008

Who do they think they are?

I'm totally in agreement with Charles Collins in his BBC 606 column today.

Who do Yorkshire think they are?

They broke the rules. End of argument. In playing an unregistered player, one not qualified to play as anything other than an overseas player, they did something they should not have done. Stewart Regan first of all tried to blame it on a temp in the office (a cowardly thing to do) then backtracked and said that the buck stopped with him. That is the only thing he has got right in this sorry saga.

He is paid a hefty salary to ensure that people Yorkshire wish to sign are eligible to do so and complete the necessary paperwork. At work I am paid a lot less than Mr Regan but double check the paperwork of everyone who is joining the organisation, even when it has been completed by an experienced colleague. Mistakes happen, it is human nature. No one does it on purpose, but it happens. You put steps in place to minimise the likelihood and can at least hold your head high if it did.

Well, it appears Mr Regan didn't do any of this, but then has the temerity to claim his county have been unfairly treated. Well, boo-hoo.

Durham have been unfairly treated. They will have to play the rearranged match without the considerable talents of Shaun Pollock and Albie Morkel, so have had their hopes penalised.

Nottinghamshire were unfairly treated by playing a side who fielded an unqualified player and may or may not have Chris Cairns and Andre Adams in the next stage.

Why have Yorkshire been unfairly treated? If Mr Regan can explain that one to people and convince them he should be the next Prime Minister. They issued a statement to say that "the punishment is disproportionate to the crime". What exactly did they expect? Whether his name is Rafiq or Ramprakash, if he's not registered, he should not play. Take the punishment and retain your dignity guys...

The arrogance and temerity to claim they have been hard done by should see Regan's post in jeopardy if there is any justice. This is not an anti-Yorkshire rant, simply a statement of accountability and fairness. Hang your head in shame Mr Regan and your Board, you have dragged your county down and made them a laughing stock.

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