Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Well, well

Derbyshire have announced the 12 for the Northants game tomorrow and there's no Rikki Clarke...

Strangely, there's no mention of this omission on the club website tonight, which states that Paul Borrington and Wayne White were in line to play their first games of the season, but there is no mention of Clarke not playing.

I know he played for the 2nds today and made 64 (thanks for the updates Chris!) while Messrs Telo and Sadler made 0 and 5 respectively....

The following 12 have been named for tomorrow:

Chris Rogers
Dan Birch
Paul Borrington
Wavell Hinds
Greg Smith
James Pipe
Jonathan Clare
Graham Wagg
Jake Needham
Wayne White
Charl Langeveldt
Nayan Doshi.

The press this morning reported that Morris had blown a gasket at Clarke for the shot he played late on the third day. That the club site says nothing lends only to the theory that all is not well in the Kingdom of Denmark... sorry, Derbyshire.

I can't say I'm surprised and as I said in the post last night, patience was running out with the skipper after a series of poor shot selections and average bowling displays. I hope it is a voluntary step down too, but it also ponders the question as to who will be skipper?

Chris Rogers? Wavell? Waggy? Who knows, all have things going for them.

The final place would appear to be between Wayne White, who bowled well but without luck when I saw him play for the 2nds recently and Nayan Doshi who bowled even better. On a traditional Northants track the thinking money would be on Doshi, but that's a decision for Morris tomorrow when he sees it.

A lot relies on Buck and Wavell in this one, with the batting wearing its fragile look. It is good to see Paul Borrington in there as he sells his wicket dearly, something all fans will be grateful for after some recent displays. Dan Redfern must have been close too, after making 75 for the 2nds today. It is only a matter of time until both are given an extended run. Perhaps then Mr Grumpy, (ex- Lancashire and England), making a late run for the "All Time Misery of the World" award from an ex-Warwickshire and England quick bowler might shut up with his nonsense.

John Morris has gone on record as saying that he would like a Derbyshire team that has grown up through the Academy. With these two, Akhil Patel and Ross Whitely, we have a quartet of great potential. White, Clare and Needham also emerged from the 2nds and Wagg has thrived when no one else would touch him.

In three years time I'd see these lads as the nucleus of a team. In a plea to fans, whatever your misgivings about some performances this season, keep the faith with John Morris. With his staff he WILL turn this around. Bear in mind that we're one win away from promotion in the Championship, so keep smiling!

Mind you, like the rest of you, I'm intrigued tonight...

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