Sunday, 20 July 2008

Northants v Derbyshire Pro 40

60-5 as I type and Northants have been ripped apart by a great spell of 8-0-18-3 by Ian Hunter. That's right, the same Ian Hunter I last night suggesed may be released at season end.

Of course, one performance doesn't make a season (please bear that in mind all those suggesting Jon Clare is ready for England) but he has put us in a good position here. Admittedly Nick Boje and Andrew Hall, Test players both, have still to bat but we're in the driving seat after 19 overs.
Hunter is capable of this, as he has shown before, but injury and erratic lines have often cost him (and us) dearly.

I'd love to see us get Sales - both in this game, as he's their best player and at season end. He'd be a real asset in our middle order and I hope we do well here to show him what he could be a part of.

No Langeveldt today (his knee problem is still there) but Waggy has recovered from his shin splints or is just playing through them. Tomorrow we play Bangladesh A in a 3-day game. If they're less good than the Bangladesh side, which one would expect, we could put Ockbrook out against them and do well. I'd expect to see some youngsters in the side and a decent performance.

70-5 as I close. Lets bring on Doshi to tie it down a little...

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