Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Thanks again!

This is my 198th post since I began this blog back in April and today the hit counter went past the 8,000 mark.

I'm gobsmacked as I had no idea at the start of the season that there was such a level of interest in Derbyshire cricket. I started this on a hunch that, because the club 606 board was more animated than others that it might be of interest, but it has exceeded my expectations. I thought that that maybe I'd get 2,000 hits over the season and would have been quite pleased with that, but to quadruple the figure with two months to go is fantastic.

All this from fans of a "little" club. It has been great to do the blog this year because there is genuine cause for optimism. We've had our defeats but we are competitive for the most part. There have been a few bad days, but its never been totally black. We've bowled well in most matches, batted well in others. When we get them both together in the same game we'll be dynamite!

The low point so far? Having the game in Scotland rained off in the FP Trophy. Believe it or not, that was the only wet day up here in nearly four weeks and I was so looking forward to the game. Some of the 20/20 performances were poor, but we won more than last year.

Langeveldt has proved the best Kolpak signing in the country and Wavell Hinds is also proving value for money. Graham Wagg and Jon Clare have both emerged as genuine all-rounders and James Pipe has kept wicket well and added va-va voom down the order. Jake Needham has progressed well as an off spinner and useful bat and Chris Rogers has been a steady pro.

There are good youngsters emerging from the Academy and I fully expect Paul Borrington, Dan Redfern, Akhil Patel and Tom Poynton to be first team players in three years time. Others may well join them and with the club far more positive in its recruitment, the winter and coming seasons promise much for Derbyshire fans.

Hopefully I'll be able to keep this impetus going. Remember, let me know if there's anything, or anyone that you'd like to read about. I can't guarantee you'll always agree with my thoughts and sentiments, but I'll try to make it interesting!

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Alan said...


I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but my comments seem to be getting attached to the wrong items. My original post, in response to the piece you did on the 23rd, got attached to the Bangladesh A report, I mention that again so that you know what I originally intended to write to you.

Sorry for messing this up!!