Wednesday, 9 July 2008

What's going on?

What is going on at Yorkshire?

We all know the saga of the unregistered player, who I feel very sorry for. The lad just wants to play cricket and is hardly likely to point out that there's a bit of paperwork that he's not been asked to fill in.

Apparently Stewart Regan, their Chief Executive was talking to Rob Bonnett on the radio yesterday and laid the blame at the door of a temp covering for the normal secretary. If that is so, Mr Regan should be sharpening his sword ready to fall on it. He later changed the story and accepted responsibility which, let's be honest he should have done straight away. Would you allow a temp to do important paperwork without checking it yourself, or getting a senior colleague to do so? Poor show Mr Regan...

Hot on the heels of this saga, which I still have a sneaking feeling will see them come out better than they have a right to, is news of the game between their seconds and ours being abandoned after a handful of overs as the pitch was unfit. They're really playing a stormer those White Rose lads aren't they?

Incidentally, this came after Derbyshire had beaten Lancashire by 14 runs in a match, then lost to them by 41 runs in another. This effectively ends their interest in the Trophy competition this season, but should be balanced by the fact that they have often fielded very young teams. Such experience should stand the boys in good stead for next summer.

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Chris said...

They`ll get away with it (NAP)