Monday, 14 July 2008

Its Wavell

So Wavell Hinds is to be our top scorer in the second half of the season, follwed by James Pipe and Dominic Telo.

He did little to disprove that theory in the game against Leicestershire, playing two steady innings.

So now, as promised, for the thorny question of the week - vote in this week's poll and let's see what everyone is thinking about a lovely regional franchise team.

Loved Mike Atherton's comment in the Times re Derbyshire and Leicestershire. We're both "satellite towns" of Nottingham. Hmm... I'm sure they're both cities Michael, for one thing.
Oh, and they don't produce any young players through their scouting and coaching. Ah yes, so Ian Blackwell, Chris Adams, Dan Redfern, Stuart Broad and many more just appeared on a space ship one day? Guff, utter guff. For a man of supposed intelligence, his comments are crass and not worthy of a major newspaper like the Times. If the so-called bigger counties stopped signing them, the smaller counties might be OK. The ECB might even give us a tour game against someone we wanted to watch if they were keen to help. After all, we have probably the best results against touring sides in the past 15 years. Look back over results yourself and see who we've beaten...

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