Tuesday, 8 July 2008

If it was us, do you reckon...

We'd have been kicked out of the 20/20 by now?

Yorkshire, unwittingly or not, fielded an ineligible player against Nottinghamshire. End of story. Whether he bowled only two overs and didn't bat is irrelevant. He played.

That it took until fans were either there or en route last night was a joke. Fair play that the Yorkshire Chief Executive has held up his hand and accepted responsibility, because it was.

The only acceptable decision is for Durham to progress in the tournament. If money is the object of the exercise, then they may play Nottinghamshire, but having been well beaten by the Yorkies our East Midlands rivals really don't deserve to go through.

Call me paranoid, but if we'd transgressed in this way, they'd not have bothered with a special meeting, but banned us immediately.

Probably for five years...

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