Sunday, 6 July 2008

Latest poll

89% of those who voted prefer some other form of cricket to 20/20.

That's the cold hard facts of the results from the latest poll. Maybe it reflects the age (maturity!) of the voters, but there is a groundswell of opinion suggesting that 20/20 is fine as it is but doesn't need increased.

I'm all for innovation, but cricket has lasted well for 200 years and the Championship is still, for many THE competition to win.

Hopefully, the people at Lords take this into account when they next make their decisions.

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deeboy75 said...

Firstly can I say how much I enjoy your site and also reading the articles that you post. They make for good reading and also good debate.
I am particularly keen on the way in which you view the T20 competition. I agree with you entirely that no form of the game can compare with the test/four day game that we have all grown up with and had such passion for. Unfortunately I am 30 years from retirement and like many working cricket fans am grateful for the competition for allowing me to watch the county game without having to take considerable holidays. Time for many of us is a valuable commodity and whilst the game is lacking in the intricacies of the longer format game the tension, excitement and (dare i say it) skills of the county players are still in evidence in T20. What I need the most however is for the T20 money to be used effectively in the county game so that when I do retire I can sit with all the old boys round the county ground mid-week in the summer sun bemoaning the youth of today and how they don't appreciate the finer things in life..I believe that your poll of 89% preferring other forms than the T20 is an accurate reflection of society in general but you only need look at the attendances on a floodlit Friday to see that this game helps spread the gospel of cricket and if even 10% of the kids watching fall in love with the longer form of the game can it really be a bad thing !!