Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Derbyshire v Bangladesh A - day 3

The game that few people cared about ended in a flurry of excitement as Chris Rogers produced a perfectly timed declaration that ended in a result off the penultimate ball.

That the result went the wrong way was to some extent inconsequential as the game was a good run out for what was essentially a Derbyshire second string.

The game produced a number of positives from our perspective. Rogers maintained his good form and must look forward to the rest of the season, while Greg Smith, Dan Birch and John Sadler all scored a few runs.

"Few" is an apt choice though, as none of them suggested going on to a big score, with the possible exception of Smith, whose well-played 50 was cut short with a run out. He unfortunately seems to be taking on the mantle of Hassan Adnan as the worst runner between the wickets in the club having been involved in several in recent games.

It was good to see him bowling again and taking two wickets and he is good for the balance of the side. Jake Needham and Nayan Doshi both did well enough to keep their rivalry going and will benefit from a long bowl. Wayne White also bowled well without getting reward.

Kevin Dean did well in conditions that favoured him in the first innings, but seemed less impressive second time around, while Ian Hunter sadly picked up another injury that limited his role in the Bangladesh second innings.

The jury remains out on several players with regard to retention at the end of the season and much will depend on what they produce between now and mid-September. By that stage it is still possible that we could be celebrating success, but much will depend on the batting being more solid than it showed in the first half of the campaign.

Even more important is the fitness of the bowlers who have carried us so far. With Langeveldt's knee, Wagg's shins, Clarke's achilles tendon and Lungley's side we have serious question marks over their long term fitness. Now Ian Hunter has joined them there is pressure on Jon Clare and with only Kevin Dean and Wayne White in reserve the bowling could be under pressure.

Having said that, Charl and Waggy are the type of guys who will bowl through most things and we can only hope that these two admirable bowlers can get through to the end when they will have thoroughly earned a rest.


Alan said...


Congratulations on an excellent blog. It is informative, interesting, and above all reflects what I perceive to be a deep knowledge of the great game of Cricket, and of Derbyshire CCC in-particular. I find myself turning to the blog frequently for an inciteful assessment of the current situation, and greatly enjoy what is a very readable and may I say professional piece of work each time you write.

In your latest piece you ask readers to mention if there is anyone we would like to read about. I would like your candid opinion on Stubbo, the man and the cricketer. I won't colour what you may write by spending my own opinion at this stage, but promise that if you do feel able to write a few lines about him, I will gladly let you have my own thoughts.

Best wishes,


Peakfan said...

Cheers Alan, that's really good of you and appreciated.
I'll try to do a piece on Stubbo tomorrow before I go away for a week!