Tuesday, 22 July 2008

New poll

I'm off on holiday on Saturday!

No foreign climes for us this year (last year was the awesome Tennessee) but a trip down to our favourite seaside resort of Scarborough.

We're all looking forward to it and with the weather set fair I'm looking forward to a game or two of beach cricket and some leisurely strolls. Its also a chance to see the nicest cricket ground I've been to outside Derbyshire and get some sea air in the lungs.

So this week's poll is extended to a week on Saturday as I don't think I'll be near a PC next week. Even I'm not that keen guys, but if there's a wet morning or evening I might get near a computer in the local library, or the most excellent games shop that my kids enjoy so much...

So predict where we'll finish in Division 2 - remember, we've already hammered Worcester and outplayed Warwickshire and they're the top two as things stand. Or will it all go pear-shaped, as our bowlers limp through on their one remainin good leg each?

I look forward to seeing your votes and the level of optimism/pessimism


Chris said...

I have voted promotion but I cant wait to see how many naysers vote lower-not again.

Chris said...

You need a laptop steve with mobile internet then you can sit on the beach and update the log!

Peakfan said...

Can't do that mate! I'll be on my way to a century on the beach, following the Boycott method of occupying the crease..