Saturday, 19 July 2008

Northants v Derbyshire final day

As anticipated, it all ended in a draw with the rain taking too much time out of the game.

Good to see Buck make a century, though I'd be even happier to see him reel off a few more in testing circumstances before the season end. Dan Birch also got a few, as did Wavell, and in the leagues this would definitely be called a winning draw.

One or two may question why there was no declaration, but Waggy is suffering from shin splints and Langeveldt still has a problem with his knee. With three fit bowlers, Rogers would have been silly to risk a loss after four good days of cricket and he's anything but that.

Warwickshire's annihilation of Middlesex leaves them well set in this division and when one remembers that we were well on top of them at the County Ground a few weeks back it is clear evidence that we can be a match for any side on our day.

On a disappointing note, some idiot on the 606 board today says that Jon Clare should move to a bigger county at the end of the season. Obviously written by someone who shares a brain and only gets it for half an hour a week as Clare, as pointed out by someone else, has signed a three year deal and would, I hope, show loyalty anyway to the county that gave him a chance.

To speak of him as an England player is premature, although there is no doubting the lad has talent in spades. He's only just reached double figures in first class matches and has bowled brilliantly in some and less so in others. He needs another season at least but should be in the frame for an A tour.

In similar vein, no matter how well he has done this season, I cannot understand how Pattinson got in to this Test match. Surely Hoggard should have been worth a recall on his own turf, or Harmison, who has bowled well in recent weeks. To me it smacked of either desperation (why, when the series is level?) or a "look how innovative we are" move. Every jump in level in cricket is a huge challenge and that from county to Test must be the greatest of all. I hope I'm wrong, but I could see him "doing a Mallender" and never playing again.

On that cheery note, time for bed...

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