Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Hampshire v Derbyshire day 4

Not much to say tonight, except we were lucky - very, very lucky - to escape from this one with a draw.

I'd be hard pushed to say we deserved it and won't, but full marks to Alex Hughes for a gritty, stoic unbeaten sixteen that got us a few extra points. It is further evidence of why I like the lad as a cricketer and why I predict a bright future for him, if he continues to work at his game. There are times in your cricket playing where scoring runs is relatively easy, but I take more interest in people who score them when the chips are down.

That's why I had so much time for Fred Swarbrook in his time, a man who would fight to the end, as well as for Tony Palladino and Tim Groenewald, who have rescued a few lost causes themselves. There's been a few more besides - people like Alan Hill and Tony Borrington, who you knew teams would have to dig out. Both had their shots - they were the first two men to score forty-over centuries for the county, after all - but they rarely gave it away.

We could have done with more of that spirit today, because we shouldn't have lost so many wickets so quickly. A draw should have been straightforward with the amount of time lost, but we almost made an unholy mess of that.

In short, we got draw points, but it was a long way from impressive.

Next up is Nottinghamshire in the T20 on Friday. More on that tomorrow, but even positive Peakfan will struggle to see anything other than a defeat against our neighbours, especially in our current form.


Marc said...

Considering the amount of time lost,this was desperately poor stuff. Even allowing for our failings, I doubt anyone connected with Hampshire would have given winning so much as a passing thought to begin with.

Only Hughes stopped it happening and full marks for a gutsy effort,when the easy option would have been to follow suit and join the rest of them in the hutch.

Just when you think it can,t possibly get any worse,we seem to find new ways of doing it.It really is awful.

Mark said...

We'll get blitzed by Notts. What a lousy season this is turning in to and I just can't see where the recovery starts.I'll say it again till I'm Blue in the face, and that is that we don't have the quality of players like every other county seems to. Serious question Peakfan, but was Welch a cheap coaching option?

Peakfan said...

Fair comments on current form gents. Mark - will answer that in my next post.

Daniel Smith said...

Hi Peakfan,
I'm not such an optimist as yourself and I've not been supporting Derbyshire for as long as yourself so I'm not certain where you get your optimism from. All of which goes to highlight just how disappointing this draw was. If it has drained your reserves of optimism it says something.

I feel embarrassed that we got a draw. It will be pointed to as a result when the only honourable thing would have been to declare and give Hampshire a well-deserved victory.

Our bowlers are good but we don't seem to have any batsmen.

cuthbert said...

Hi Peakfan
Yes we are currently not even close to competitive in any format of the game. I'm sure the cricket management team are quickly becoming familiarized with our weaknesses and change will come. However it is still early days in this new set up. GW + coaches only took over in Jan this year. Just a thought but might it be better for the batters to try to imposed themselves on the bowlers instead of just trying to survive (it clearly hasn't worked up to now) Surely if we attack the bowlers it makes them change their plans taking them out of their comfort zone.


Peakfan said...

Fair comments Cuthbert and I'd agree we can get too negative in a mindset in such situations. Mind you, if you get out playing a dashing strokes you're deemed irresponsible, so its a no-win situation...
Daniel, I think we have good batsmen individually, but until we bat as a unit and they all contribute we will struggle

Daniel Smith said...

Hi Peakfan,
In light then of your post regarding Graeme Welch's fitness for the job it seems this season is going to be a case of rebuilding. Looking for chinks of light. I can think of a few: Footitt seems to be doing well, Borrington and Elstone have promise. Maybe all that is needed is a good win, where everything gells and then things will pick up.

Peakfan said...

Defo win so often a catalyst!