Friday, 6 June 2014

Derbyshire v Nottinghamshire T20

There was a better performance by Derbyshire tonight, but in the end the result was the same as in the previous T20 matches this summer and a fourth defeat ensued.

It was not surprising, of course, against a team that features six past or present internationals, but the game was won and lost  - again - by the respective Powerplays and the talent of two of the best T20 batsmen in the world game.

After six overs we had progressed to 32-3, while Hales and Lumb took Nottinghamshire to thirty in two overs. They reached the six over mark at 70-2 and the game was pretty much over as a contest by then. We fought back well, but Nottinghamshire won with over three overs to spare and there was no disguising their superiority.

I missed our innings as I was working, but the first ball loss of Stephen Moore was a blow and Wes once again failed to get going. I applaud the promotion of Tom Knight, which I advocated last week, but it was a tough attack to face. I don't follow the rationale of keeping back Marcus North until number five and Scott Elstone would be a much better option than Wes Durston on current form at the top of the order. Better, but a work still in progress for me.

There was no Chesney tonight and I feel we'd be better served in utilising the talents of Alex Hughes (who didn't bat tonight) and Elstone higher in the order, but at least there appeared to be better rotation of the bowlers, even if the firepower of the opposition batting rendered it largely redundant.

Anyway, to Leicester next, though the swathe of bad weather cutting across the country overnight may legislate against a prompt Sunday start, or even one at all.

More on that tomorrow.

Postscript - good to see Usman Khawaja back in the county game at Lancashire. While he won't be remembered as one of our most prolific batsmen, there was a certain charm about his game at his best and no one who saw it will forget his marvelous last day innings against Hampshire that steered us to the division two 2012.


creweblade said...

hi peakfan - went tonight and even though we were well beaten i did enjoy the game. atmosphere was good, ground probably 3/4's full. we did well to get to 164 thanks to some good hitting by North, Ellstone and Timmy G (why does he come in so late?). But wow - a decent club team let alone england players would have wallopped our bowlers tonight - they were garbage with 25 extras and at least half the balls pitching closer to the standing umpire than the batsmen. Lost count of the pitch it up cries i heard! Just cant see where any win is coming from to be honest.

Peakfan said...

Thanks for the update mate! Worrying news about the bowling though.
Anyone else manage along?

Sam said...

A disappointing result but it answered a few questions at least. The reason why we've seen so little spin is because none of them are in particularly good form or rhythm. Both elstone and knight looked pretty toothless, the latter's bowling action lacking any fizz, and sending down plenty of half trackers. With Hughes dropped, it left only durston who got taken apart by hales in his first over. The seamers were all taken apart early themselves. Footitt will inevitably be criticised for bowling 7 or 8 wides and no balls but the need for someone with pace was emphasised by his wickets. When the openers were out, they struggled against him when he got it right. Fortunately the waywardness hasn't been as much of a problem over the last 12 months and we have to hope that tonight was just a blip on that front.

The batting order still doesn't look right, with durston lacking form at the moment. Losing Moore first ball was a blow and tom knight was thrust in before he really should have been. I like the idea of a pinch hitter - in previous years we've not been flexible - but palladino would have been a better option having lost the wicket so early, as he can hit well over the infield in the power play. Madsen looked in a class of one before he got caught out, and north took ages to get going against the spinners before teeing off against the seamers. If he could play the seamers well up front perhaps he should open? Elstone played an enterprising innings and manoeuvred the spin well so I'd keep him at 5 or 6, and cross looked all at sea and should have come in after groenewald and alex Hughes.

The fielding was a big improvement and we definitely outperformed our opponents, north and Hughes taking impressive catches on the long on rope. Overall we still have a lot of work to do but it was good to see the team battle all the way

Peakfan said...

Very good and constructive comments Sam. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Sam. Excellent comments - that is exactly how I saw the game. On your very last point regarding the battle I couldn't agree more. Even though we were never really in the game, each wicket prompted a genuine team celebration rather than a 'going through the motions' knuckle touch. Hughes' audible roar when he bowled out Hales said a lot about his spirit and it is clear that as a collective the team still has belief. I left the ground disappointed at the loss but not dejected.


Roger said...

I am still Dissappointed at the continued presence of Footitt and Adurston in our 20/20 team.

Footitts bowling cost us around 16 or 17 in extras. That is simply unacceptable in 20/20 but he has always been like this. One over contained four wides. He has cost us a boundary when fielding on the ropes a very simple stop for one run went straight through him.

Durston is so badly out of form it's cringeworthy. At the crease he's prodding at every delivery rather than looking like he will make any good or decent contact. Considering he opened the batting, it's a partial explanation why we only scored 33 in the power play. Has he had a game yet in the 20/20 scoring at more than a run a ball?

Don't get me wrong, I didn't expect to beat Nottingham but I want our players to be smarter and our team selections to be better. Madsen and North are our lifeline but I agree that Hughes and Elstone should be further up.