Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Hampshire v Derbyshire day 3

Derbyshire fought back well on day three, ending the day on 31-0 and requiring a further 315 to win the game. The latter seems largely irrelevant in the light of tomorrow's weather forecast, one that suggests any play before late afternoon, at the earliest, is unlikely.

I referred to needing a 'special' performance to lift the mood and it came today from Tony Palladino, one of the most admirable of cricketers. I like Tony, as he will always give a hundred per cent, even if the conditions aren't in his favour. With good support from the lion-hearted Tim Groenewald, the two took their side past the follow-on mark, albeit one that was unlikely to be enforced.

Hampshire's reply was lively, as might have been expected, but there were two wickets for Scott Elstone to reinforce his positive impression, before Paul Borrington and Stephen Moore took us through to the close with a degree of confidence that was encouraging.

Finally tonight, closing comments on the "To bat or not to bat" piece that caused an interesting level of discussion over recent days.

In today's Derby Evening Telegraph I read:

Stephen Moore acknowledged that Hampshire should not have been allowed such a position of strength as they went on to score 388 in their first innings.

“If we had taken our catches they would probably have been 240 and this game would have been wide open then,” he added.

Which was my point exactly, nicely emphasised by someone who had played on the wicket, rather than following the game from a distance. We didn't bowl as well as we might, but the decision was fine.

Such is the nature of the game.


Tim, Chesterfield said...

I wouldn't pay much attention to the public mutterings of a player to a newspaper reporter. He's hardly likely to undermine his captain and say he got it wrong.

Anyway, small mercies in this nightmare season. It was an improvement and that's, ultimately, all we can ask for.

At this rate we'll perhaps win one by September.

Peakfan said...

Can't believe that first paragraph Tim. Very poor and totally ignoring that he might actually be right.
This is getting silly. Lets move on.
Future comments on the game, please gents

Gary said...

I have seen lot Derbyshire teams over 25 years having season ticket. The team has gone forward lot over last 3 years. I feel strongly as supporters we need to be patient with Welch and management give time. My biggest concern is that next season we be expecting results. This may sadly take time, I personally feel batting been issue for while and clear out couple players maybe needed and trust Welch judgement on this. I just feel as supporters we have our role to play being patient. It has been character trate true Derbyshire supporter requires. Let's get behind Welch

Marc said...

We managed to break out of jail,thanks to a fairly unlikely source. Palladino chanced his arm and it paid off for us. I,m not complaining as runs from the lower end have been in short supply and obviously missed. Just like the old days,wasn,t it?.

I don,t think just managing to save the follow on,having chosen to field is really anything to write home about though and I still can,t see anything beyond a home win.

If we do win it I will be delighted,as such a result will have shown a number of qualities which have been in very short supply recently. We shall see.

Peakfan said...

It was Marc and tailend runs were massively important in 2012.
Perhaps, as Welch says in the DET today, it was a turning point. We can only hope so and that we build on this. Hampshire are a good team and for me will win this league this season.

Anonymous said...

The coach needs time and a chance to sort his own team. This season we can wirte off but next year should see a different look

Sam said...

41/4 wasn't in the plan. I hope by the time you come to write your piece for tonight it hasn't got any worse, otherwise it'll make for some glum reading!

mark said...

Forget being unlucky, we're a very lucky team thanks to the weather. It's saved us even more misfortune so far this season.