Sunday, 29 June 2014

Durham v Derbyshire T20

Well, that was fairly horrible.

Thank goodness for Alex Hughes, the only batsman in our innings who showed a modicum of common sense on a tricky pitch. There were too many expansive shots on a tricky track and we were horribly outclassed in this game.

As was always likely to be the case, of course. That Durham side is very experienced and has some canny players in its ranks (not my attempt at speaking Geordie, for the record...). Phil Mustard is one of those match-winning players that Graeme Welch referred to as needing at Derbyshire. He quickly took any chance of an upset away with a brutal innings, being especially severe on Greg Cork, while England man Ben Stokes again highlighted his great talent.

Cork minor cannot have expected such a tough baptism, but he will learn that the margins of error in the senior game are much less than he has met so far. I liked his attitude and composure with the bat and he'll come back strong. Time is very much on his side.

On the basis of today I'm not especially looking forward to the next three months, but we must carry on regardless and hope that some of the team find their best form.

As I said last night, there's places in the squad for the future up for grabs.

Sadly, none of those with points to prove did much about it today.


Tim, Chesterfield said...

Dreadful. Wished we'd bowled and at least it'd have been an event for a little longer.

Other than a couple of Chesney's shots (trying to smash himself back into form) and of course the other Hughes our batting from those tasked with the job was abysmal.

Durham's innings was, sadly, much as I expected it to be.

Hang on until September boys and girls as it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

Simon Hunter 2012 said...

It was a chastising experience for the boys but I think it underlines our season to date. The news of yesterday clearly left a tremor of self doubt amongst the team and I think that whilst the next 3 months will be tough, it will help a number of players put their hands up one or another and enable us to build for the future. 2014 has been the toughest year for a while but let's not forget where we are heading and not necessarily where we are because the club is on the right path. P2bD

Peakfan said...

Totally agree with both of u. Short term pain but long term gain

Mark said...

Can't see us winning another game to be quite honest Peakfan, as heads have now gone. Absolutely nothing left to play for in this wretched season.

Peakfan said...

Theres pride and careers mate. And we havent started one compy yet...

Marc said...

They are all tricky wickets for us,Peakfan. This is just the latest example of what has become the norm this season. A score of 125 will win you about one match in twenty. Durham are by no means a good side in 20/20 but i,m quite sure they could have knocked off 200 if they needed to.The difference between the two teams was enormous and shows just how far we are from even competing with most teams,let alone beating them.

Sam said...

A pretty dreadful performance all round. Having seen the last few matches, our main problem in the t20 is the bowling. In the power play we are incapable of going at less than ten an over, largely because mark turner seems to always bowl one bad over where he goes for 20. The addition of Greg cork didn't help, and I thought his bowling speeds were alarmingly slow. Indeed he was no quicker than collingwood but without the canniness or batting! At this level he's pretty much fodder. The lack of any obvious replacement, with higginbottom and footitt both having proved expensive, is worrying and needs to be addressed over the winter.

Wainwright is another who seems to bowl a bad over at some point in his spell which ruins his figures, but he and durston seem to be a steady duo with alex Hughes and Marcus North as back up in the middle.

The batting over the last few matches has been, dare I say it, good, so we were probably due a collapse in this competition. If chanderpaul is back for Chesterfield, he would come in for elstone and north would get one more match. Regardless his apparent lack of form in Derbyshire colours, he's still a world class player, and any talk from people of him lacking the skills to succeed in t20 cricket didn't see his innings' at leek or against Lancashire last season.

Tim, Chesterfield said...

I was also surprised to see Cork register so lowly on the speed radar. You have to be a tremendously good bowler (think Kevin Dean) to succeed at that pace.