Sunday, 1 June 2014

Hampshire v Derbyshire day 1

Earlier today I got an anonymous mail berating the decision to put Hampshire in to bat at the Rose Bowl. I didn't print it, as there seemed little point. We can all be wise after the event and Derbyshire's decision could - and should - have been a wise one, had they not had a poor day in the field.

Two people who are normally sound in that area, Wayne Madsen and Gareth Cross, put down chances that might otherwise have seen the hosts bowled out for under 300 and the decision fully vindicated. Cross put down two, one of them straightforward and will be disappointed to do so as a man with a sound reputation for good hands.

Yet they all drop them, as does anyone who has played the game. Those who say otherwise have never done so, because there's no surer thing than that  we all have days when the ball appears to be soap and our hands and eyes are not in synch. You can practice all you like - and I know our lads work especially hard on that area - but sometimes they go down.

It didn't help, of course and despite four wickets for Tony Palladino, I think we will look at this as a missed opportunity. Tomorrow, Hampshire will aim to push on to 400 and then unleash their pace attack on our batting. It would be good to think that we will respond in an appropriate manner, but we will have to wait and see on that one.

Still, we're not alone in not making the most of a decision to bowl. Middlesex did the same at Durham today and ended up looking down the barrel of a home score of 411-4...

And with that adieu for this evening. A winning start for my club today and a few aching leg muscles for old Peakfan after a long bat. I might have gone for the ice bath remedy favoured today, except our ice tray's twelve cubes didn't suggest it would cover a great deal. Besides, a hot bath seemed much more palatable.

Tomorrow I hope to be able to walk without limping...


Tim, Chesterfield said...

I wasn't there. I don't know how we bowled and I haven't heard how the wicket looked before the start.

But, with the sun out and the chance to get on the front foot on a usually flat track you win the toss and bat.


Anonymous said...

totally agree. mine was the anonymous mail and I have to say that Madsen's decision was incomprehensible in view of the weather and the chance to exert some control in the match. To me it shows a lack of belief and good cricketer that he is, I'm afraid his captaincy decisions are too often highly questionable for my liking. Now we are up against it and I don't think it would surprise any of us, who are desperate for the County to do well, if we are struggling badly again before too long .

Marc said...

You know my feelings on batting first well enough,without repeating them again. Judgement can only be made on what does happen,not what might or could have happened. Looking at it from that standpoint,it looks at the moment that the leadership made the wrong call.

We once again find ourselves under pressure just to maintain a foothold in the game and pressure is something which does not usually bring the best out of us.

I won,t be too judgemental at this stage. We still have to bat,but one thing is for certain,we will have to do it much better than we have on most other occasions this season and this time there can be no legitimate excuses for failing to do so. At least Palladino will sleep soundly tonight.

Peakfan said...

Hmmm...I disagree and the comments pre-suppose that we knew how the wicket would play. Do you really think the skipper and coach cant read a wicket better than any of us hundreds of miles away? As I said in the piece, decent catching would have had them out for 250 to 275. Doesnt suggest a flat track to me as you dont get 7 wickets and such chances on them.
We have a lot of work to do but I cant blame the skipper for this one. I did at Leicester and with justification but not here

Anonymous said...

I come from Hampshire and know many people who watch a lot of County Cricket win the toss and bat...simples!!

Peakfan said...

But that doesn't explain why on more occasions, captains home and away don't, Anon!