Friday, 20 June 2014

Encouraging off field news as Groenewald departs

So it is adieu to Tim Groenewald, as he heads to Taunton and a new career in the west country for the remainder of this summer and the three to follow. A top-earning player such as him was always going to be going to one of four counties and Somerset is a good fit. There's a small number who could offer the financial security that he sought and good luck to a top man and good cricketer. I wish him well.

He is and has been an admirable player but after the last couple of weeks I am pleased to see him make the move.The longer he stayed around, the more calls for his return there would have been, despite Graeme Welch making it clear that he was going with youth from now on. Welch will now have the chance to introduce young players without people sniping about 'absent friends' and, while I don't expect us to tear up trees in the remainder of the season, I hope to see potential in performances from young players who will be our lifeblood in the future.

There's more encouraging news off the field, with the introduction of an injury update section to the club website being an excellent idea. The club's communications have improved remarkably over the past few seasons and anything that increases transparency gets my vote. The conspiracy theories in some quarters over the absence of Jonathan Clare, for example, have been silly.

If he was fit, do people really think he wouldn't get a game? The reality is that he hasn't been fit - at least to bowl - for a long time and I hope that someone can get to the root of the problem. If they can't, I genuinely fear for the long-term career of a player who has great natural talent but has not enjoyed the best of luck with fitness in recent seasons.

Finally, it is great to read of the creation of a physical exhibition and online archive by the club, thanks to a Heritage Lottery Fund grant. In looking forward to the future, it is important to celebrate  the past and Derbyshire has much to look back on with pride. My background in libraries and archives was always going to make this an easy thing to appreciate and I hope that people get behind it.

If I can help in any way, I'd certainly be delighted to do so.

It deserves to do well.


Tim, Chesterfield said...

I admire your positive outlook but I'm struggling to identify the encouraging off field news!

Paul said...

I usually tend to see where you are coming from Peakfan but I must admit to struggling with this one.
' The clubs communications have improved remarkably over the last few years'- well I have alluded to this several times during Krikkens regime when we were totally kept in the dark re injuries , explanations re tactics and selection of players.
During our promotion season Chris Grant was always walking round the ground talking to supporters, last season this became very infrequent whilst this season I have not seen him once. It's very easy to be prominent when the team is going well !!
As to the ' injury update section' I have just read it. Of the 4 players mentioned only one has any specific detail ( Poynton) whilst the others just say they are injured! Err we know that ! That's why they are in this section !
A good idea but come on Derbyshire if you are going to copy DCFC more detail is required like they give. On that note when it comes to communication CG could learn a lot from Sam Rush who has really grasped the mettle with the fans.
Incidentally it will be interesting to see if TG can reproduce his form at the less seamer friendly Taunton tracks compared with the lush Derby wickets.
Personally I can't see it as if there isn't much movement his pace is quite nice to the top batters in Div 1

Peakfan said...

Well, we're moving with the times. I don't think we have a right to know exactly what is wrong with any player, personally, but this is a move in the right direction.
Paul - come on mate. The Twitter feed, the general comms from the club and the availability of personnel to the membership is a refreshing change to previous times.
As for Chris Grant's availability - I think he's had plenty to occupy him this summer, without the need to go round listening to those who moan even when things are going well. I've seen him round the ground every day I have been down but a cricket club chairman is busy and few are as available as Mr Grant

Peakfan said...

Marc, if you want to mail me re your recent comment that I've received, I'll happily reply...