Sunday, 15 June 2014

Derbyshire v Surrey day 1

 Derbyshire 153 all out (North 44, Cross 27) Surrey 44-1 (Amla 25 not out)

There's not a great deal to be said  about today at the County Ground.

Having been slated in some quarters for bowling in previous games, Derbyshire opted to bat first on a track that proved lively and 'sporting' on day one. Only Paul Borrington and Marcus North batted for any length of time and their dismissals saw a slide to a total that was some way short of adequate.

Surrey struggled in turn, although Hasim Amla was apparently the best batsman on show, according to a trusted watcher who contacted me late in the day. It would have been a pretty good day to bowl, so the decision to bat is a puzzler. The odd ball lifted nastily, some kept low and there was enough movement to keep the bowlers interested.

I assume the game plan was to get a decent score in the first dig and then capitalise as the wicket deteriorates later in the match. For that to happen, we need a remarkable morning tomorrow, as Surrey could conceivably have first innings lead by then.

Tom Curran, son of the late Zimbabwean all-rounder Kevin, had the best day of his fledgling first-class career and blew us away by bowling straight. Many a good Derbyshire seamer of yesteryear would have fancied such a wicket and I've little doubt that Mark Footitt, Tony Palladino and Tom Taylor would too.

Not impressive then and much work to do.

Postscript: I was working outside in the garden today, when a sudden 'newsflash' hit me that Tom Taylor's first wicket in senior cricket was Hasim Amla. A portent of things to come?

I hope so - and early tomorrow would be very much appreciated...

Update:  I understand that both captains intended to bat if they won the toss today. Both felt that the wicket would settle down after the first hour and the sun would come out. It can therefore be safely said that it was a very good toss to lose for Surrey.

Given that both sides also expect it to turn as the game progresses, we really need a big first session tomorrow.

And we now know why that decision was made this morning.


Innspired Licenced Trade Accountants said...

Great day loved it shame about the weather

Marc said...

It was a good cricket pitch,some life about it,good carry and bounce and generally what most people would have expected.

As has often been the case over the past couple of seasons,the real damage was not done by the new ball,nor by the bowlers taking it. We were once again guilty of poor shot selection,suspect technique and a psychological frailty that continues to rear it,s head often enough to conclude that collapses such as this can occur at any given time.

Borrington hung around for a while but showed little to suggest his previous innings was anything more than a fluke. Madsen is in a bit of a trough and other than North,nobody looked remotely like coming to terms with the bowling. Alex Hughes was probably due a failure,but overall it was a poor effort.No way was this a 150 all out pitch and we are now back at square one.

We have painted ourselves firmly into a corner and unlike Leicestershire,I don,t see our opponents allowing us to wriggle off the hook. Unless something dramatic happens,the fourth day will remain unused.

Mark said...

Dreadful doesn't even come into it yet again. The bowlers have been carrying our supposed batsmen for the last couple of seasons now. What an abysmal season this is going to turn out to be, and let's not forget we beat a severely weakened Leicestershire side to get that first win. Major changes needed when this season finishes.