Thursday, 5 June 2014

Derbyshire v Nottinghamshire preview

In the light of our track record against them, allied to recent form, it is probably unrealistic to expect a Derbyshire win tomorrow against Nottinghamshire.

Yet let's not forget that this is cricket and that remarkable thrash at Trent Bridge last summer, when we beat them with some ease, our side featuring neither overseas player.

It can happen and our season has to start somewhere. How good would it be if it was tomorrow?

Graeme Welch is keeping everyone guessing by naming a fifteen-man squad:

Stephen Moore (2)                     Chesney Hughes (22)
Wes Durston (3)                         Marcus North (8)
Wayne Madsen (77)                   Scott Elstone (10)
Alex Hughes (18)                       Tom Knight (27)
Gareth Cross (7)                        Tony Palladino (28)                   
Tim Groenewald (12)                  Mark Footitt (4)
Matt Higginbottom (20)                Tom Taylor (15)
Mark Turner (6)

I can't call the side, so won't attempt to. Meanwhile, Nottinghamshire turn up with an England opening pair and are awash with international players, past and present. Logic suggests it should be the biggest mis-match since David tackled Goliath, but we must hope that Derbyshire's batsmen and bowlers pack especially potent slingshot tomorrow.

I'm working till 8.30pm tomorrow night, so the game will be pretty much done by the time I get home. Maybe that's no bad thing, but I am a man of simple pleasures and hope for just two things tomorrow:

Please let's bat against the clock, rather than the sundial in the Powerplay

Let's rotate the bowlers and throw more spin at them.

If nothing else, the latter will keep the seamers fresh for the game that starts against Leicestershire on Sunday, one that affords a genuine opportunity of a win.

But if somehow we can beat the Nottinghamshire Predators...sorry....Outlaws....we'd not say no, would we?


Tim, Chesterfield said...

Strange things can happen when expectations are very low. Though with bookies offering 4/7 on Notts some may be tempted to go for the 'bank job'.

Peakfan said...

Well we started the campaign, like Charles Dickens, with great I guess why not? 50/50 chance!

Tim, Chesterfield said...

Hopefully an end to our 'Hard Times'......

Peakfan said...

Hehe..and there were plenty of sales at The Old Curiosity (club) Shop...

Mark said...

A lot better effort tonight but still soundly beaten. Can someone please tell me what Wes Durston has done to deserve another go?. Yet again another poor showing from this past it player.