Monday, 16 June 2014

Derbyshire v Surrey day two

Derbyshire 153; Surrey 392-8 (Ansari 105, Davies 124, Footitt 3-55)

I don't think there's any doubt that we are going to lose this game, but I hope that we show enough fight tomorrow to at least take the game into the fourth day.

We have been outplayed in this one, although there are a few bright spots from today's play. Mark Footitt bowled a tight spell and again took wickets, while Scott Elstone showed himself to have something of a golden arm. Meanwhile Tom Taylor duly took his first wicket in the senior game, and lo, as prophesied in the Peakfan Blog last night, 'twas that of Hasim Amla, one of the world's greatest batsmen.

Taylor got some stick afterwards, but a lad making his way in the game must expect that and come back again. more aware of what is required to make the grade. Surrey will probably make 400 tomorrow and then crowd the bat in the hope of an innings win.

Rain seems an unlikely saviour and nor should it really do so.  Our first innings was a mess yesterday and it is difficult to win any game when your first innings puts you behind the eight ball, as ours did.

The game is gone, but there's at least an opportunity to salvage a little respect on a wicket that has been proven to offer batsmen runs if they are prepared to graft.

I hope we see that tomorrow.

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Marc said...

It was not a good bowling display today with too many loose deliveries and also many which the batsmen simply left alone. The only real threat came from Footitt,the rest were either too expensive,ineffective,or both.

The game is over and even if we drag it out beyond tomorrow,there is little consolation in another defeat. The batting is of prime concern but the bowling is fast catching up.

It is no longer the potent weapon it was back in 2012 and even if Groenewald was still in the side,i,m not convinced things would be a whole lot different. Palladino is not the bowler he was,neither is Wainwright or Turner and Jon Clare,s continued absence requires explanation.If he,s not fit to bowl then let,s be knowing about it,otherwise he should be in the team.

I suggested back in April this team has an air of defeatism written all over it. A malaise that has now affected all but two or three players and I honestly can,t see it ending.

Graeme Welch keeps repeating messages of optimism which, given the cirumstances of the season,even his predessor might have had second thoughts about uttering. This rosy future we are being promised seems light years away at the moment and even if it does come to fruition,it won,t include many of the current players.