Monday, 30 June 2014

Derbyshire v India preview

I really hope that the people of Derbyshire - especially the local Indian community - gets behind this game over the next few days.

The amount of work that has gone on, led by the injured Tom Poynton among the community, deserves to get an excellent response and in all honesty, who wouldn't want to take advantage of a rare opportunity to see some of the world's greatest players in the flesh? I'd have loved to see the giants of the east against some of Derbyshire's young guns, but work commitments have meant there is no chance of my getting away.

Nonetheless, I will be following the game closely over the next few days and hope that the Derbyshire side acquits itself well. After all, there are places to be had in the first team over the remainder of the summer and what better way is there to boost confidence than against one of the best teams in the world?

There's no news yet on the Indian side, but they will want to give their best batsmen and bowlers as much exposure to English wickets as they can before the Test series starts. Fine players as they are, few of them have major experience of English wickets, something that could be their undoing as the summer progresses. The bowlers will also need to bowl a different length to back home, but it would be silly to expect this to be beyond some fine bowlers. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a very fine swing bowler, while Varun Aaron is a lively customer - certainly he appeared so in the IPL.

Much to look forward to then, although Derbyshire academy youngster George Sellers will no doubt enjoy the re-telling of his dismissal of Cheteshwar Pujara in the nets today, whatever else he accomplishes in a promising career. There's some good lads in that age group and it is in their continued development that our future prospects lie.

Graeme Welch has chosen a young squad for this game and the fourteen is as follows:

Paul Borrington,  Ben Slater, Wayne Madsen, Billy Godleman, Chesney Hughes, Wes Durston, Alex Hughes, Harvey Hosein, David Wainwright, Ben Cotton, Mark Turner, Matt Higginbottom,                    
Greg Cork, Rahib Ali.

How many of the youngsters play is a moot point and I think the first seven pretty much picks itself. I suspect that Hosein and Ali are along for the invaluable experience, with the other man to drop out between Higginbottom, Cotton and Cork. I'd quite like to see the latter given another go sometime soon, as he's a better cricketer than his bowling figures suggested yesterday. While his bowling isn't especially quick just now, as commented on by a couple of contributors below yesterday's post, he has plenty of time to fill out and add more pace. We should not overlook the effect of nerves on any young player making a first-class debut and if you throw in television cameras and his Dad's reputation, there was a lot for Greg Cork to cope with yesterday. He'll be back, though.

Much like Derbyshire, really.

Postscript - there's an excellent piece on Tom Poynton over on Cricinfo. Well worth a read...


Marc said...

That,s a very good article on Poynton and illustrates the positive attitude he has. I,m sure he will gain much from the experience of being behind the scenes,even though he would far rather be behind the stumps. He has several months to hopefully get back to full fitness and rejoin the squad for next season.

We go into this match with a very young attack.It will be interesting to see how well they cope. The batting has a more experienced look about it but for some,time and opportunity is running out and they may not get many more chances to prove their worth.

Peakfan said...

In posting this piece I omitted Harvey Hosein as the only excuse being that we have no internet access at present and it was posted by mobile..far more time consuming. Hopefully we will see normal service later tonight. Apologies to Harvey and family for omitting to mention his big moment!

Paul said...

Peakfan I am sure your piece above about the locals supporting the above match was written in good faith.
However in reality the day has been an absolute disgrace and has turned into farce.
I have been a member for many years and today took 4 friends / colleagues / customers with me which cost £18 per head. We were all looking forward to seeing Derbyshire challenge the strong tourist team. ' strong' - not surprising as they named a team of 18 !!! Derbyshire hit back with a team of 12 !
Derbyshire won the toss ( conducted by Madsen who was then replaced as captain by that massively experienced pro Chesney Hughes who struggles to get in the team) and we decided to bat. Bozza goes early ( as usual ) and my friend comments that won't have helped his average! Bloke behind then informs us that the match is no longer classed as first class cricket and none of the performances count !
What an absolute disgrace that the public have basically been conned out of £18 to watch what amounts to an exhibition match.
We have now had 8 different bowlers.
My disgust is shared by many around us all of whom have said they won't be back tomorrow to watch more meaningless cricket.
I realise that India will have instigated this farce but Derbyshire had to be compliant and I believe tickets have been sold under false pretences and I shall inform the club of my views for what that is worth.
There is little point in having meaningless tour matches if the public is going to be treated like this and little surprise that non test cricket is so badly supported
Yours disgusted

creweblade said...

went today - decent crowd but suspect nothing like club wanted or expected. Some good performances - i liked ben slater's knock - battled hard for his runs and with chesny played well in morning - Wes can play that type of innings and played very well - deserved a hundred but not to be - also pleased for billy godleman - he knuckled down well, Alex hughes missed out and less said about bozza the better - never looked comfortable and his times up i think - anyway - enjoyed the day and decent weather