Thursday, 3 May 2012

Wayne Madsen

My sincere condolences to Wayne Madsen and his wife, Kyla, on the loss of their unborn baby daughter this week. Until reading Mark Eklid's excellent piece in this morning's Derby Telegraph I had no idea of the tragedy and my heart goes out to the two of them and their extended families at this time.

It speaks volumes for the man he is that he opted to play in the circumstances. There were plenty of reasons not to and no one would have thought the less of him had he done so. Yet Madsen showed himself a man of outstanding character and integrity in adversity, things he has shown before but never better exemplified than yesterday.

Following on from the special courage shown by Tony Palladino in the Westfield case, it highlights what a special bunch of guys we have at Derbyshire right now. Likewise, many would have turned a blind eye to what went on at Essex. Palladino was man enough to do something about it.

With such people involved, Derbyshire cricket can only go from strength to strength. I wish Wayne and Kyla the best for the weeks and months ahead and thank the skipper for an especially outstanding effort yesterday.

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Marc said...

I could not agree more Peakfan. Words are totally inadequate at times like this. I sincerly wish him and his family all the very best. It cannot be easy.