Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Essex v Derbyshire day 1

If I had sat down and scripted the day for Derbyshire today I couldn't have done it any better.

Losing the toss and seeing the hosts choose to bat, Derbyshire's boys will hardly have expetced to bowl them out for under 200 and then make steady inroads into the total by the close, with Martin Guptill and Wayne Madsen making steady starts after the early dismissal of Paul Borrington.

Two things struck me today. One was the the fact that three times Wainwright took a wicket with the first ball of a new spell - tribute to him for his accuracy from the start, as well as to his skipper for bringing him on at the right time. I wrote when we signed the Yorkshireman that he would become a key figure for us and so it has transpired. He has been a fantastic - no other word will do - signing by Karl Krikken and Yorkshire must be kicking themselves for not giving him greater opportunity. It is staggering that already this season he has bowled more overs than in any other season of his career thus far..

The other thing that I spotted was discipline. Only TWO extras in an innings of 80 overs. One bye, one leg bye. That sort of control speaks volumes for the players and for the work they are doing with the coaches. Tim Groenewald bowling 16 overs for 26, Wainwright 22 for 51. Again. lets not forget Ross Whiteley, who again nicked in with a useful wicket, as did Tony Palladino.

This season, for the first time in years, we're finishing sides off. It helps that we have that quality spinner now, but the attack is well balanced. Three gooad seamers, plus a left armer for variation, a slow left armer and an off spinner. It is a classic attack and on the way to being a very, very good one.

It was a pity to see Boz go before the end and he realistically has one more innings, I would guess, to protect his role in the side. Matt Lineker has reeled off successive centuries for the Seconds and deserves an opportunity now he is restored to fitness - another one from the local scene making it good.

We're on a roll - a good day batting tomorrow, maybe reaching 350, and we could be on the way to another priceless win.

Feeling good tonight? If I was feeling any better I'd hate myself for it. What's not to like as a Derbyshire fan at the moment?

More tomorrow.

PS Sorry about the late blog, but my club side have also gone top of the league with a 54 run win tonight in a T20 match. Sadly after my 3-6 in three overs at the death last week I took some stick this week.

I only got 1-7 in three overs this time...

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Marc said...

All credit to the bowlers today,they all played a part. I couldn,t agree more about Wainwright. He,s been a breath of fresh air and from what i,ve seen,which is quite a bit,he looks quality.

I said last season we would not miss Smith in the slightest and so it has proved. A few more runs from wainwright and we have a genuine all rounder. I wonder how many people would take Smith back in exchange for Wainwright?. No-one with half a braincell.

The bowlers are bowling with discipline and young Poynton has been everything we could have hoped for. Sutton would be proud of him.

Tomorrow we need to take full advantage and put Essex firmly on the back foot. The match is far from won at this stage,but i would far rather be in our position than Essex,s. We have enough batting to establish a substantial lead and the weather will not kick us in the nuts. A pleasing day today and more of the same tomorrow please.