Thursday, 24 May 2012

Essex v Derbyshire day 2

While Derbyshire's lead in this game isn't in all likelihood an outright match-winning one and they may well have to bat again, 141 runs of an advantage is always going to make you favourites in a cricket match.

Tomorrow we will need to get Owais Shah early and probably James Foster too, but there is enough talent in this Derbyshire side to take wickets at regular intervals and complete a memorable win sometime tomorrow. The weather isn't likely to be an issue, so we don't need to panic. With the wicket offering increasing turn we'll not want to chase too many, but I  would be surprised if it is much more than a hundred, if that.

A few players gave it away today, but Wes Durston confirmed his talent and role as senior professional with another dazzling century at close to a run a ball. Wayne Madsen was, by all accounts, seen off by a poor decision, but the innings floundered, perhaps unnecessarily, until Tom Poynton gave us a first glimpse this season of his ability with the bat.

Those who saw him at Chesterfield last summer will know Poynton can bat, and centuries for the Second XI have confirmed that. Today his dazzling fifty gave us a bigger lead than looked likely and a position from which we should - note, should - go on and win the match.

I'm sure we'll see a repeat of the Wes 'n' Wainers show tomorrow as the spin option appears the best route to success here. It was so nice to listen to Radio 5 at 4.30 today and hear them refer to "table-topping Derbyshire again doing well." To quote Bruce Springsteen, its been a long time comin' - but mighty enjoyable all the same.

It has been another impressive performance by the county so far - if we can finish it off tomorrow, we will have opened an impressive gap at the top of the table.

I think we will, so watch this space...


notoveryet said...

I've not been overwhelmed by our start this year, or our position in the table. Beating Glamorgan twice isn't going to be anyone's greatest boast this year, and the fall of the fixtures has perhaps flattered Derbyshire a little. There's been enough fragility to suggest that a reverse could come, the opening problem (think you're now in a club of one, Peakfan, and even your confidence is showing signs of weakening) and a couple of injuries might make everything look different.

It's difficult to tell without seeing it, but just watching the scorecard unfold today suggested a strut and swagger that you associate with top teams rich in confidence and assurance. There's enough talent in this Essex team to turn it around (and Smith will come again, believe me) but for once, there's a sense of a Derbyshire team that once it gets a firm grip around the opposition neck, know enough not to let go.

I'm counting no chickens, and I don't think we can sustain this all season, but these two days have felt like a huge step forward.

Marc said...

We didn,t have the hardest of starts,but no doubt that winning breeds confidence. Had we done badly in the opening games,then we would have had cause for concern.

Can we keep this going?. I suppose only time will tell. Injuries may play a part,a significant one if we lose two or three seamers. So far we have got away with it and can only pray that continues.

Nevertheless,there is much to be pleased about and whilst we seem to be in a situation where two or three batsmen are scoring the bulk of the runs,it is preferable to nobody doing it.

The opener slot has to be changed. Both Hughes and Lineker have now staked undeniable claims for a place in the starting line up,whish can no longer be ignored. There is no guarantee either will prove the answer,but the opportunity has to given. I don,t think Borrington has the quality to make that place his own. No doubting his ability at local and indeed second eleven status,but maybe that is as high as he can realistically play. there is no place to hide in County cricketand weaknesses will be ruthlessly exposed.

Can,t agree about Smith. He hasn,t even come the first time yet,let alone again. He,s not even average and i certainly wouldn,t want him back at any price.

If we can improve a bit in the one day stuff,this can be a truly memorable season for all of us. This would never have happened under any previous regime.

Mark said...

Wow, dare we begin to dream? Another top notch all round performance from Derbys. Guptill, what a player. Championes soon.