Sunday, 13 May 2012

Warwickshire v Derbyshire CB40 Preview

Tomorrow will, undoubtedly, be our toughest test of the season so far. Warwickshire second in division one of the Championship and second in our group, play Derbyshire, top of division two and top of the CB40. If this was a film, they would call it Clash of the Titans, featuring still, my beating heart.

There's no Ian Bell in Warwickshire's team tomorrow, which is good news, though the Bears have been in such good form this year that they have plenty of options. There's no news on their side yet, but with players of the quality of Darren Maddy, Chris Woakes and, on this year's form, Rikki Clarke available, we will need to be at our very best to maintain our unbeaten record.

Our side? The batting is likely to  be the same that did very well last week against the Unicorns, with Chesney Hughes replacing Paul Borrington. The bowling may also stay as was last week, but Mark Footitt and Tony Palladino will be pressing to replace Mark Turner.

Finally tonight, I still find it disappointing that there are calls for a player to be dropped - you all know who I mean. There is a comment on the Forum tonight that the person concerned  will "never be a player" which is a silly thing to say. He might be a lot better off if people got off his back, while calls for others to replace him would be the more valid if the players concerned were themselves in form with the bat.

There may well be a powerful argument for Chesney Hughes to come in sometime soon, but first he needs to get some runs under his belt.

Tomorrow would be a very good time to start.

Come on boys - let's take the game to them!


Marc said...

I don,t see any reason why we can,t win this game if we get the basics right. We have to bowl tight,field well and bat with discipline.With regard to the bowling,can we afford Turner in this game,given what Unicorns did to him in the previous one?. It would be a helluva gamble which if it went pear shaped might well cost us the game. We have safer options. I dont see any changes to the batting line up though.

I must say Peakfan,Borrington certainly divides opinion,which in itself suggests something is not quite right. I have my doubts,as you well know,but then Hughes didn,t exactly set the world on fire last season,did he?. All i will say is the longer he goes without runs,the harder it becomes to justify his continued selection. Particularly as Hughes offers the additional benefit of his bowling. We must not forget Lineker who was actually in the team at the end of last season and may himself feel slightly aggrieved at not making the starting line up. His injury was unfortunate timing but having retained him then Krikken must surely give him a go at some stage.

In a way,it,s nice that Borrington is the only major source of concern,which reflects the decent start we have made to the campaign. Today will be a test,but a teat we are quite capable of passing. I will be there to witness it.

Peakfan said...

Good and fair comment Marc

Anonymous said...

I think borrington gets more a opportuntity than most because hes young and we get payments when we play him, chesney costs us decent sum of money to play him and because of matt linekar age i dont think we get anything. i hope im wrong id be very disappointed if hes selected purely for that reason peakfan.