Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hampshire v Derbyshire day 4

The last day turned, not into a run chase but into an accumulation of maximum batting points by Derbyshire, a job they accomplished thanks to perhaps the best numbers ten and eleven in the Second Division. Who knows how valuable that 44-run partnership between Tim Groenewald and Tony Palladino might be come the end of the season?

Five batting points presumably came around because the captains could not agree on a suitable total for a run chase. That being the case, they did all that they needed to do, primarily thanks to beautiful centuries from Wes Durston and Daniel Redfern. Both are in prime form right now and there is real depth to our batting.

Hearty congratulations tonight to Yorkshire, who pulled off an amazing run chase to beat Gloucestershire, scoring 400 in the final innings to do so. I'm not happy to eat my words, but will admit to being wrong, having overlooked what is, after all, a pretty mediocre Gloucestershire attack.

Still top of the league, though the Yorkies have now drawn level on points. There will be extra spice to those fixtures this year, that's for sure!

Tomorrow is a CB40 against Warwickshire - more later, or tomorrow morning


Marc said...

It would be interesting to know why they couldn,t agree a total. I would have thought a similar target to the one Yorkshire achieved would have been about right,giving both sides a fair chance to win. Still,we did well after a poor start.

Durston has now hit the sort of form we almost take for granted from him and a very well done to Redfern who is really beginning to show his class.

We need the weather on our side when Glamorgan show up and we need to get another notch in the win column. They are a very poor side so we can have no excuses if we cock it up. Let,s hope we dont.

Washy said...

Yeah good batting performance today, especially from out two centurions who dug us out of a potential whole, and enabled us to secure the crucial five points, shame about the weather ruining the first two days, and thus the contest. Batting stats in the CC if interested:

Guptill 273 @ 39
Borrington 132 @ 18.86
Madsen 173 @ 24.71
Durston 253 @ 42.17
Redfern 361 @ 60.17
Whiteley 218 @ 36.3
Wainwright 132 @ 26.4
Clare 145 @ 29
Poynton 49 @ 9.8
Palladino 112 @ 22.4
Groeneweld 35 @ 35
Footitt 8 : 4