Wednesday, 30 May 2012

From today's Bristol Evening Post...

"GLOUCESTERSHIRE owe it to the rest of the LV County Championship Second Division to beat Derbyshire at Bristol this week.

So says Alex Gidman, who fears the north Midlands county are on the verge of building an unassailable advantage in the race for promotion to Division One.

Unbeaten in seven games in the four-day arena this season and seeking to extend their unbeaten run at Nevil Road today, Derbyshire currently lead second-placed Kent by 24 points and are a further 10 ahead of Hampshire, who currently lie third.

A fifth victory in eight games for Wayne Madsen's much-improved team would put them virtually out of sight at the halfway stage of the campaign, leaving their nearest rivals to battle it out for second place.
But Gloucestershire will give the chasing pack renewed hope if they become the first side to beat Derbyshire in the Championship this season.

Gidman said: "It is crucial that someone pegs Derbyshire back and that is what we must try to do.
"We need to do it for the sake of the rest of the division – if they win in Bristol, they will be a long way clear and the rest of us will all be playing for second place..."

 Crikey...we have them worried eh?


doctorhuw said...

You certainly do - or at any rate, did - have everyone worried. Mind you, I've just come from Cricinfo.

I hate to say "I told you so" about David Payne ("A look at the rest") but I've just nearly fainted over my marking on looking at the score...

Mind you, knowing Gloucestershire they will let the last 2 wickets amass 650 and then be shot out for 54.

Anonymous said...
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Mark said...

The worst day yet this season for Derbys. What happened with the batting for heavens sake. We called for Borrington to be dropped, and then Lineker his replacement fails in his first innings of the season. Mind you, so did everyone else. Looks like our first defeat of the season coming up, and it will be interesting to see how we react to it.

Anonymous said...

You talk like we have lost already Mark....and maybe that is due to previous seasons approaches, management, performances and results. To be honest,. maybe that's how the boys of the old regime used to think! However, lets put it in the context of this season, the present management and these boys ..... rest assured they will not be thinking they have lost already. They have not done what they have done so far by letting a bad day/session affect the rest of their game. Yes this is the worse day they have had, but I am sure as Palladino on inside edge implies, they will be do anything and everything to get something out of this match. They are playing for their pride, unbeaten, and top of the division. The negatives have happened on the pitch today....lets not be negative 'supporters' (note the oxymoron)and instead be supportive of their efforts in days 2,3 and (hopefully) 4! If they lose, so be it, but if it means they fight harder to retain/regain that top spot then all credit to them!