Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Chairman's statement

I've already said what I needed to say about the Book Shop issue.

Suffice to say that if anyone still had any doubts about the episode, the chairman's excellent, well-written and well-presented statement to members and fans should have convinced them.

With Chris Grant at the helm and a lot of very good people in key positions in the club, Derbyshire County Cricket Club are on the cusp of a period of success. This may be relative, in comparison to what has gone before it, or could be genuine, with trophies in the medium to long term not by any means beyond us.

It just needs people to be less protective of long standing interests, less parochial and more willing to move with the times.

If they do, the sky's the limit. If they don't, I wouldn't like to dwell too long on future prospects.

You can see it, if you haven't already, here

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Marc said...

I agree Peakfan. Not being a regular visitor to the book shop i have little personal interest in it,s future.

What this statement from the Chairman does is illustrate how lucky we are to have a person like him at the club. I cannot imagine previous incumbents having either the will or the balls to have done such a thing. As long as we have Chris Grant at the helm the sky is the limit.

I think even the most churlish would have to admit we have an excellent Chairman who has been a breath of fresh air and a model of integrity.