Monday, 21 May 2012

Monday musings

It was hardly surprising that Karl Krikken's comments about yesterday's defeats pretty much echoed mine of last night. We didn't score enough runs to put Yorkshire under pressure, end of story.

In some ways it is easier to chase a total than to set one. OK, if the opposition post 300 in 40 overs you're up against it, but you at least have an idea of the total you need and don't need to over-stretch and perhaps lose wickets in the process. I look forward to seeing Derbyshire chase in the coming weeks and hopefully prove my theory, but we've not done especially well in the past two CB40 games.

What would help would be a little experience in the middle order, someone who has the nous to knock it around a bit. We will benefit from Rana Naved's experience in the T20, although the Pakistan ace is more a blaster than one who knocks it around. Garry Park could play that role for us, though he is short of cricket this summer and, having hardly bowled last summer through injury, found himself as a required bowler yesterday, when he took a little stick. I would keep Park in the frame though, as with more cricket under his belt he could play a valuable role for us as the season progresses.

It happens at all levels. Every year my village club of essentially old lags plays the local county under 19s and we win more often than not, simply because we know what to do in certain situations and if the flesh is not quite so willing the brain is still pretty acute in most of us. By extension, Derbyshire's Academy did extremely well last year to win the cup trophy, their inexperience covered by a keen coach in Howard Dytham and more than average individual ability and common sense.

We are a good - not great - four day side and we're on a roll. In one day cricket we need to be a little more savvy to get to a similar standard, but we need to remember that this is a young team and a work very much in progress. Whatever this side does this year, I expect it to be merely the start of an excellent period in our club's history.

Tonight at the County Ground a committee meeting will hopefully resolve the Supporter's Club issue which unfortunately blew up from nowhere. I expect the committee to give Chris Grant the support that he fully deserves for an outstanding job so far and to back plans to create a new Supporters Club. There are lot of good models out there for us to mirror in that respect and, while ours did a fine job over a number of years, the time is right to see it evolve into something more in keeping with the fast moving twenty-first century game.

We have top professionals within the club to help make that happen and it is crucial that they are given mandate to do so.

I'll be back tomorrow with a preview of the Essex game.

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Marc said...

I see where you,re coming from Peakfan,but i think you,re being a little too generous.

Even the younger players have been around long enough to know the inns and outs of one day cricket. Even Redfern will have played many games of a similar format to the CB40. Indeed,the fearlesness of youth can work in your favour. Ballance has become a very reliable player for Yorkshire. Age doesn,t seem to phase him.

Im not convinced chasing is necessarily an advantage. Obviously you know the target,but with that comes it,s own set of problems. Technically,panic is more likely to set in should early wickets fall or,by the same token,falling behind the required run rate. We must adapt accordingly,batting first or second.

One area we can improve relatively easily is turning dot balls into singles. One an over and you have another 40 runs on the board,which can make all the difference. It,s not all about how many sixes you can hit,nice as that is to watch. That,s more down to common sense than a lack of savvy.

As i said before,i would get Whiteley in at an early opportunity,certainly if we get away to a half decent start. We need him to start firing,the sooner the better. We still have the time to put things right and maintain interest in qualifying,but we need to start winning.