Saturday, 12 May 2012

Supporter's Club wind up a shame, but...

I'd heard that the Derbyshire County Cricket Supporters Club was likely to be wound up a few days ago and the letter and comments on the Falcons Forum were on that level not altogether surprising, nor the club's response on the web site.

The disappointment of Colin Gardner, who has done a lot of good work on behalf of the club, is tangible in that letter, but I don't think that its publishing is doing anyone involved any favours. Committee business should, unless decided by a vote to the contrary, be kept as a private matter and Colin should, after a long involvement with the club, have been well aware of that. Rightly or wrongly, there is an air of toys being thrown out of a pram, which is unfortunate.

I don't pretend to be privy to the innermost details of what has happened but I am old enough in the tooth to know that there are always two sides to every story. While knee-jerk reactions are always likely - especially in Derbyshire cricket - one has to be in full possession of the facts, from both sides, before making a judgement on the rights and wrongs of anything.

The facts are that the Supporters Club has done a terrific job over the years for Derbyshire, but maybe it needs revamped and restructured to bring it into the modern era. The book shop was a nice place to stop by, but its a long time since I bought anything there as the stock really needed pruning and organising. The chartered librarian in me ached to sort out the shelves and make searching a little easier, but there was always the value of serendipity to be considered, I suppose.

I have a feeling that a decision was made in haste and if I have learned one thing in life it is that there is much value to be had in sleeping on things and weighing them over in your mind before doing anything that you later have cause to regret.

I hope that the shop isn't fully lost to the club and I hope that the Supporters Club is revamped to appeal to perhaps a wider membership than was the case. There is always opposition to change, but it is as inevitable in life as the sun going down each evening. A restructured club, ideally with the involvement of people with experience and interest, would continue to be of value and I know that the purchases made by them for the players, their equipment and their well-being have always been appreciated.

For now, it is important that the resources revert to the club, for which they raised the cash and that the club works with interested parties to introduce a new, modernised one in time.

What has happened is sad, but we don't need to blow it out of proportion. It is what happens on the pitch that counts.


Anonymous said...

Not just supporters club throwing toys about. Threatening legal action over a letterhead is pathetic. Is Mr Grant the owner or a mere custodian of our members club(DCCC)? Not sure he's sure. He has done a great job but only been here 5 mins. The bookshop is where i spent most of my county ground buget at every home game. I'll keep it for now to save up for a new supporters club to come with no doubt more updated subscription rates. Finally thanks for all the hard work over the years(you know who you are). Brewbeard

Anonymous said...
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Peakfan said...

Ben - if you care to contact me at my e mail address below, I'll tell you exactly why the above comment was deleted.

Peakfan said...

Brewbeard - whether there was a legal threat is based on a comment in a letter by one man and while I will allow it, this site is about fair and balanced comment. We haven't got the club's stance on this, but if the Supporters Club are winding up, they then have no more right to use a club heading than I have to use your name.
As club chairman, Mr Grant has the right to protect the interests of the club in any way that he and the committee see fit, do doubt acting on legal advice received.
As I say, however, this is supposition and to overreact to one comment by one person is pointless. Time to move on.

Anonymous said...

Peakfan i agree about balance,I said Mr Grant has done a great job.
The club have issued a press release on club site. Brewbeard