Friday, 8 August 2008

Worcester v Derbyshire day 3

Hands up if you think we can win this one...

Just 370 needed from the last day with ten wickets in hand. OK, if we get out of this with a draw it will be good going, but we need to bat well to do so and our track record doesn't inspire confidence.

Having said that Chris Rogers, batting at his very best, could bat all day and take us fairly close. Paul Borrington, batting all day will save us the game. To me, they're our best bet of getting out of this one unbeaten. The wicket doesn't seem to be too bad and the way that the two openers batted this evening suggested that Worcester will have to dig the wickets out.

We should not underestimate our potential for collapse, but I'd be disappointed if we lost this on a decent batting track. With Simon Jones suffering from a tight hamstring, they may not have his bowling for all of the last day and the rest of the attack, unless Matt Mason finds swing, isn't unduly scary in the absence of Kabir Ali.

Our bowlers have taken some serious hammer in this game but we should bear in mind that they have a fine batting line up playing on a good batting track. Opener Stephen Moore highlighted why seven counties (including us) are chasing him. I'd be very surprised if he left there for anywhere, but why an opening batsman would leave a good batting track on which he can register an impressive average for a slow track at Derby where he will undoubtedly find it harder is beyond me. I might be wrong, but I'm not getting my hopes up on that one.

We'll learn a lot about the team's spirit tomorrow. We hear about a good dressing room and competitive edge, but these situations are where this is either exemplified or made to look silly.

Roll on Saturday.

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