Monday, 18 August 2008

We shouldn't be surprised

At today's disaster, I mean.

To quote Sir Geoffrey of Boycott, "that were roobish".

It's not so much the fact that we were bowled out for a pitiful 60 in just 22 overs, or even the fact that Kent knocked them off in nine overs. It is the fact that a team that has shown signs of improvementin recent matches patently failed to turn up today. I didn't for a minute expect us to beat a good Kent side, but I did think we'd at least give them a game. A performance like that is one in the eye for the loyal band who follow Derbyshire around the country and is more akin to what I'd expect from my club side in the early season.

It also adds more fuel to the argument that we are not a first class county. I don't believe it, most of you reading this won't either, but such a show on an occasional foray down to the grounds frequented by the London journalists doesn't help our cause one bit.

There are plenty of idiots out there in the media who profess to be cricket writers but who know as much about the game as I do about macrame (trust me, that's not a lot). They'll jump onto any bandwagon because it as been decreed by a former Test player of some repute. Every time we lose they are happy but when we are embarrassed they'll love it as it simply fuels their arguments.

There's nothing more to say about today really. I hope the players had a miserable journey home because that was simply not acceptable from a first class county. It doesn't alter my opinion that we are an improving side, but it highlights the fact that we have a long way to go before we're a good one.

So much for the Pro 40. Might as well try a few kids now John, and save the bowlers for the Championship matches to come.

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