Sunday, 3 August 2008

Derbyshire v Surrey - Pro 40

At this stage Surrey look like they could score more than Essex did on Monday.

Mind you, as I type Langeveldt has just removed James Benning, the real dasher of the side. The reassurance is that their batting is not spectacularly deep and that the likes of Mark Butcher and Ally Brown aren't playing. After Ramprakash and Afzal they are a "bits and pieces" side.

Our bowling is a little bitty today though. I'm not yet sure about Wayne White. He bowls quite quickly but strikes me as an unlucky bowler who beats the bat without taking the edge. His radar also goes astray too often for my liking and after a pasting in the Championship I think that Surrey's big guns might just fancy his bowling. Ian Hunter is in there too and I suspect Clarke's best bet will be to rotate the bowlers and keep changing the pace of the ball.

Tom New is making his full debut on loan. It will be interesting to see where he bats, but I'd expect it to be something like:


A long tail there. Let's hope the top order fires and we don't need late heroics. Don't see much batting here to provide it in the absence of Pipe and Clare.

66-1 in 10. Better than 40-0 in 4, which it was, but they're on course for 250-plus.

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