Saturday, 23 August 2008

To clear up confusion

I noticed today that there has been someone posting over the past week on the Derby Evening Telegraph site articles about Derby County who is going by the name of "Peakfan".

I'd just like to clarify for everyone on here who is also a fan of Derby County and who may have read these comments that it isn't me.

I've said before that I follow Derby County but I lost a lot of interest in the game a few years ago when it became patently clear that the game in England was going the same way as that in Scotland. Namely that only a handful of clubs could ever win anything which has got to be a bad thing. Then when you get eejits like Ronaldo claiming he's a £150K per week slave - I'm sorry, that's pathetic.

So if you see any comments on the DET site on football by someone called Peakfan, rest assured it is not me. I don't have copyright on the name so can't do much else about it, but would just like regular readers to know that I don't post on football matters, only cricket.

While Derbyshire are not (yet) one of the biggest counties, we can still beat anyone on our day and that is the case for everyone. Those with Test grounds are theoretically the "big boys" but one look at the results of Warwickshire, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire, Middlesex and Surrey tells you that they are beatable and that is the way that it should be.

The day that a cricket match can be accurately forecast in advance is the day I cease interest. That's the way it is with football at the top, but thankfully the greatest of games has not yet dropped to that level and I hope never will.

There, that's cleared that up!

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