Tuesday, 19 August 2008

One day later...

Thankfully had no nightmares about yesterday's game, but then I wasn't there...

Anyway, we move on and will hopefully acquit ourselves better against the Yorkies on Thursday.

The last poll showed an overwhelming feeling that the club should be looking for an overseas batsman next season. 93% of those who voted felt that was the way to go and I'd agree totally. I'll not bore you with my thoughts again - check last week's posts if you've not already seen them - but I'm convinced it'll be either Chris Rogers or another Aussie. The only alternative is if Charl has a good contact or two in South Africa, but I can't see that.

This week's poll refers to the plans to rename our one day side from the Derbyshire Scorpions to something else. We've been Phantoms (and rarely stood a ghost of a chance) and we've been Scorpions (and there was often a sting in the tail). Should we be changing? Could we become the Derbyshire Peakites? One suggestion has been the Derbyshire Rams, but that's a little too football and city-related for my liking. The name should really reflect the county, not just the city of Derby. Maybe even the Derbyshire Dales and - I'm working on this one - we could get Dale Winton as our lucky mascot... maybe not, on second thoughts.

The other bit of news today is that Stephen Moore is staying at Worcester. No surprise there, he showed them what the interest in his services was, backed it up with a cracking season and has presumably got himself a much improved contract as a result. I again posted last week that he would be unlikely to move to Derby, slow wickets and all and can't say that I'm surprised by this.
With David Sales having committed to Northants and Alex Gidman to Gloucestershire, I'd be interested to hear who John Morris has in mind for next year. The thinking money is that there's not too many of genuine talent on the market and we'd need to bear that in mind when we're considering our own retained list.

More - hopefully - later. Busy night ahead though, so my first post on classic Derbyshire/Warwickshire games of the past may have to wait 24 hours.

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