Sunday, 24 August 2008

Leicestershire v Derbyshire Pro 40

I'm not sure that there's anything in this game except local pride but for that alone both sides will want to win tomorrow.

Quite frankly I haven't a clue what John Morris' team may be. He may give a few guys a net before Wednesday and Warwickshire or he may give them a rest. I'd be surprised to see Langeveldt play, but on the evidence of the Yorkshire game the top order batting needs some practice in the middle.

Dan Redfern should get another chance to show his undoubted talents, but cricket being the game it is, he could be out quickly tomorrow. This is, of course, the game in which we show how good an all rounder Jim Allenby of Leicestershire is. I rate the chap quite highly, but if he played against us every week his status in the game would be somewhere around that of "Freddie" Flintoff. Another of those who always seem to do well against Derbyshire, he'd be a good asset should he ever fancy a move from Grace Road. Then again, I thought that about John Sadler and that's not worked so far has it?

Leicester welcome back Boeta Dippenaar and Jacques du Toit tomorrow to join the man other Saffers in the squad. With Ackerman, du Preez and Henderson also likely to play, Langeveldt will have plenty of familiar faces to bowl at should he play, or to chat with if he goes along simply to watch.

It is a game that it would be nice to win, to help build momentum built up in the thrilling run chase at Derby. Incidentally, this is supposedly Tom New's last game of his loan spell in which he has acquitted himself well. He had one bad day against Middlesex where he let a few byes and dropped a sitter, but he has been competent behind the stumps and has contributed well with the bat. It would be quite ironic (and sweet) were he to get the runs that won the game tomorrow.

This presumably means that James Pipe is fit for the Warwickshire game and all fans will rejoice about that. He remains a batsman who can turn a game very quickly and a comforting sight at number seven.

The big week starts tomorrow folks. I'm sure there'll be the usual rollercoaster of emotions as it progresses. My club have also got a local trophy final on Wednesday evening when we aim to reclaim what we lost on the last ball last season, so any comments I have on the first day may be late in the evening - unless the weather yet again intervenes in this thrice cancelled affair.

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