Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Sky Sports

Don't know if anyone caught Sky Sports News this morning but when I saw it around 6.15am (yes, I am an early riser) they were showing a feature on the 100th anniversary of the birth of the "greatest batsman ever" - Donald Bradman.

The usual stuff, the "three cheers" footage from his last Test match and the reference to that average of 99.94 (yes, thought I, but he never got a hundred against Derbyshire).

Then they went on to announce the hundredth anniversary of the last appearance of WG Grace in 1908. The grainy footage of Grace walking out to the middle and then the familiar footage of Grace batting (jerkily, but that would be the film) in the nets.

Familiar... but not. Even at that time of day I noticed something was not quite right. Grace was shown as a left hander as they had the film the wrong way round! Yes, I was sober and not that tired...

I did send them an e mail but they maybe disregarded it for all I know. Anyone see it on a later bulletin and notice if it was the right way?

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