Thursday, 21 August 2008

Glad to be wrong...

Well done.

In my forecast an hour ago I neglected the considerable talents of Dan Redfern, who gave us an example of why we have reasons to be cheerful.

The youngster must be in our side next summer. Even in defeat and adversity, fans are understanding if youngsters have been given an opportunity and the way that Redfern and New batted this evening was refreshing. Running hard, placing the ball well and hitting it when it was there to be hit, they came very close to stealing an improbable win and restored the faith of a few fans, myself included.

Tom New has let no one down since his move from Leicestershire and was an excellent ally for Redfern, who seems to have a wonderful knack of accumulating, even if he is not necessarily hitting the ball to all corners.

I've thought who it is that he reminds me of and its Neil Fairbrother, the former Lancashire and England player. Fairbrother was an outstanding one day player who made the most of his talents with placement and running between the wickets.

Redfern is, like most left-handers, very strong through mid wicket but has, at 18, got the world at his feet. The great thing about tonight is that he did it with the pressure on and the eyes of the cricket-watching nation on him.

Quite a talent that young man. Well done to John Morris in securing his future for the next two years. I look forward to watching his career develop.

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