Monday, 4 August 2008

Missed opportunity for England

Kevin Pietersen England skipper.

Good luck to the bloke, he's great to watch at his best and perhaps it will be the making of him and he'll cut out the silly shots. Didn't we think that about our skipper...?

Anyway, for what its worth, I think they have missed the opportunity to blood Rob Key. As a batsman he is as good as Andrew Strauss but as a captain I firmly believe he is the best on the circuit.

I've watched him both in televised games and live and been impressed with his calm authority on the pitch and his ability to get the best out of players. He is in total control in the field and leads by example when he bats.

No captain could be expected to do more and I think he's been hard done by.

I saw him last year against us at Derby and all his bowling changes came off. He quickly worked out the areas where our batsmen were dangerous and placed his field in a way that made them play in areas they were less strong.

Smart guy, good batsman, excellent skipper. Unlucky for now, but if Pietersen fails, he's waiting in the wings.

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