Saturday, 28 June 2008

Leicestershire v Derbyshire

I'm not going to dwell on last night's "nothing" game except to say that it was another disappointing performance. Then again, everyone knows that.

The 20/20 campaign was, after the pinnacle of Headingley, a fast downward spiral of mediocrity that few emerged from with any credit. Charl Langeveldt did a professional job until he missed the last couple of games with a sore knee and Wavell Hinds batted well and bowled steadily most of the time. Nayan Doshi also showed that he is as steady as any spinner in this form of the game and James Pipe kept wicket well and provided impetus on occasion with the bat.

Apart from that - not much to report. Greg Smith was brilliant at Headingley but afterwards declined and scratched around at the top of the order. Dom Telo showed promise but frustratingly kept getting out at 20 and 30, Dan Birch and John Sadler never really got going and the skipper, like Telo threatened without delivering real substance.

Graham Wagg was fair with bat and ball without pulling up the trees, Jon Clare didn't get much of a chance and Jake Needham varied between steady and eminently hittable

Overall 4 out of 10 - can and must do much better.

One final comment on the competition. Derbyshire La-La-La reports on his message board of shocking comments made in the direction of Waggy last night. This is another of the unfortunate side effects of this form of the game, the attraction of a no concentration span LCD (lowest common denominator) to the game that we can frankly live without. I've no problem with one day games and fans shouting and singing if the play merits it, but the day that cricket goes the same as football is the day that I cease interest.

Banter, chanting, a few shouts - that's all part of the game. Shouting abuse - personal abuse - at people who cannot answer back is pathetic, cowardly and the act of morons. I stopped going to football because I couldn't accept that players being called for all manner of things, really personal stuff, was right. Telling David Beckham he's useless is one thing if he makes a mistake, but disputing his parentage and singing about his wife is unacceptable. Those in the wrong defend themselves by saying that they've paid their money and can say what they like.


You pay your money to be entertained. Clap if you like, boo if you must and its warranted. But don't offend decent people around you, wary of objecting because you and your boozed up mates outnumber them, by shouting and singing filth. It's neither big nor clever and the game doesn't need you.

I've no problem with people having a drink at games, as long as they don't get into a state that lessens the experience for others. Mind you, with coloured clothes, loud music, girls in hot tubs and reports of crowd problems, the next step will be topless beer tents and extreme fighting.

Hope its not like that at Denby next week. I'll not last ten minutes...

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