Monday, 30 June 2008

Essex v Derbyshire

Well, I managed to find a spare terminal in the local library and at present we're slowly recovering against Essex.

Nice to see Jake Needham get a long and fruitful bowl, though slightly worrying that a spinner is getting wickets and turn at the start of a four day match when we have to bat last.

Sorry to see Chris Rogers ruled out with a recurrence of his back problem, as it leaves us a little short in the batting. Again, the top order have failed and seem to have not grasped the fact that we're no longer playing 20/20.

Hopefully Pipe and Smith can continue the current recovery and get us a bigger total than looked likely earlier today.

Need to go, but hope for continued improvement and a score of 300 would at least keep us in contention. With Wagg, Clare and Needham (plus slugger Langeveldt) still to bat we should be around that total.

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