Friday, 27 June 2008

Leicestershire v Derbyshire

What's happened to Dasher Dan?

Scourge of league bowling around the county, all of a sudden he can't get the ball off the square and as I type has 5 from 18 balls. I can only assume that we're planning a major last five overs assault as, after a good start from Dom Telo, we've become bogged down. From 44 after 5 overs we now have added 33 in the next seven.

Not looking good, my friends. Maybe James Pipe could produce fireworks, but we need 69 from 43 balls. Form thus far doesn't offer cause for optimism.

Nice to see Jon Clare back and in form and Nayan Doshi producing his normal tight spell, but we now need ten an over from the last seven and I don't rate our chances - even against as poor an attack as this.

86-5. Lawdy Miss Clawdy. This is dire...

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