Sunday, 28 June 2015

Burgoyne signs for Sussex

Just a note to say how surprised I was to see that Peter Burgoyne has signed for Sussex and is playing for them in the game against Warwickshire today.

Maybe he felt that a move away from Derbyshire was the best way to resume his career, but when we are crying out for a spin bowler, it seems a little surprising.

Maybe there will be more on that in due course, but I wish the lad well. He is a very talented cricketer and has a lot to offer.

It is just a shame it is not going to be for Derbyshire...

Postscript - having considered this, and thought about the well-documented stress-related issues that  led to Peter leaving in the first instance, I come to the conclusion that a move elsewhere for a fresh start was deemed best for both parties.

We don't miss much at Derbyshire these days, so I suspect that is the true reason.


Marc said...

I wish the lad the best but I would not have taken him back. We still have Knight as a young spinner,whether or not he fulfills this role is still a big question but we need someone more experienced.Not easy to find the right candidate,I agree,but that should be our aim. I can see no future at all for Wainwright and judging by his sporadic appearances,Welch and co seem to agree.

knacker said...

Good news, it would have been a shame for a player of such ability to be lost to the game. I sincerely hope the lad can look in the future at his time with us without regret, everyone deserves their shot at redemption